Monday, July 13, 2009

Kristy to run NYC marathon!

Dear Athletes

It is with great pleasure that I write to inform you that one of our athletes (Kristy Fogarty) has been selected to run the NYC marathon. Kristy will be running the marathon for the Heart Foundation. She'll be collecting donations toward this cause, and you can read more about this below. Thanks for your support if you are able to help out:

I am one of over 100 000 people who  have taken up the challenge  to run the New York Marathon in November  this year. 

I am proud to be  running this year in support of  the Heart Foundation. Every year the Heart  Foundation in Australia  enables a group of 20 people to participate in this  Heart Challenge  fundraising event, and together, through donations and  fundraising  events, we aim to raise up to $250,000. I am the only West  Australian  running this year for the charity. 

Heart disease kills one   Australian almost every 10 minutes- deaths that are largely  preventable.  Unfortunately, many of you  will know someone who is  living with, or  dying from, heart disease.  Sadly, as recently as  last week, my Dad lost  his best friend to an unexpected heart attack.  The impact such a sudden death  has on so many people is devastating.  

I ask you or your organisation  to support me and donate to  this important cause by clicking this link to my  sponsor page:   All donations go directly to help the Heart Foundation fund life  saving  research and prevention programs to combat Australia's leading  cause of death-  heart, stroke and blood vessel disease. Donations of  $2 or more are  tax-deductible. 

Your support in this Heart  Challenge fundraising event  would be greatly appreciated. Please  forward this email to your friends so  that they can also support this  great cause. 

If you would like more  information about this  Heart Challenge fundraising event or any details about  the challenge I  am undertaking to complete a marathon please call me on mobile  0413  060 412.

Thank you,

Kristy  Fogarty

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