Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Making Smooth, Smoother! Common App / Sign-up Queries...

Dear Swimmers

I hope you had a great long weekend - the weather has really been putting on a show for us!

Now that autumn is almost upon us, why not take the opportunity to grab yourself a $30 discount on a 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction session (either Initial Consult or Follow-up within 6 months) during this great weather using the code autumn2017 for the dates:

  • 6th April
  • 12th April
  • 24th April to 23rd May

  • …with Head Coach, Paul Newsome. Offer ends 17th March 2017.

    To book and take advantage of this great offer, please either use your Squad App or visit http://www.swimsmoothperth.com/appointments and search for the dates above.

    Making Smooth, Smoother!

    I just wanted to send over a simple list of 20+ common queries with regards to your 1-2-1 / squad session payments, the squad app and signing-in at the session etc to make your user-experience even more smooth. I hope this helps - it's designed to be as exhaustive a list as possible, so please have a quick read through to help answer your common questions, especially if you're very new to the Swim Smooth Perth Squad.

    If you're travelling along just dandy, you can ignore this message of course!

    Here goes:

    Downloading the Squad App

    • you can download the iOS version of our Squad App here
    • you can download the Android version of our Squad App here

    Logging in / Passwords

    • when opening the Squad App, please ensure you are logged in as otherwise your session details won't show - to do this use the Menu button in the top left and tap the login key and enter your details et voila! You're in!
    • can't remember your login details? I can't reset these for you, you'll need to use the forgot password link on the login panel and then follow the prompts

    Email / SMS Reminders

    • not receiving SMS / Email reminding you of your sessions (i.e. 121s / wait lists etc)? Login to the Squad App, tap your name in the top left, tap the edit button on the next screen (the pencil by your photo frame holder) and ensure your email and mobile number are correct and that you have the email opt-in button checked.

    Not using the Squad App (just using a computer)

    Signing-in on Pool Deck

    • if you have received an email saying you weren't at a session but you were this is simply because you haven't logged in using the iPad on the side of the pool. Whilst we make every effort to double-check this list (especially at peak times) to ensure you don't get this email please sign-in when you arrive.
    • at times when the iPad can't be used (weather / battery), we will of course endeavour to check you in (arriving punctually helps with this process).
    • if you receive the advice on the iPad "See The Front Desk" this is because you're either out of credit (please top up) or because your session payment hasn't reconciled properly (see below "Reconciliation"). In either case don't panic, if you're on the list to swim, hop in and we'll sort it out afterwards.

    PAYG (BLUK) - Pay As You Go, But Let Us Know!

    • Permanent Members: you are operating on an OPT-OUT basis, i.e. you have up to 12hrs before the session to opt-out of the session so as to free your spot up for someone else. Leaving it right to the last moment runs the risk of this window closing and you essentially having then made a late cancellation (the cost of a session) - please help us by cancelling out as early as possible.
    • Non-permanent / Wait-list Members: as the permanent member's 12hr window closes, so too does the opportunity to gain a place in the session unfortunately, so effectively you will know if you're in or not up to 12hrs before the session itself. You are thus operating on an OPT-IN basis until a spot comes up for you and then like a Permanent Member have to OPT-OUT if you can no longer attend. Please note that due to the last minute nature of the 12hr window you might get offered a spot right at the last moment and then not have time to OPT-OUT if you can no longer attend. How to manage this issue? Cancel out of any wait lists you know you can no longer attend as soon as you know! Thanks!

    Wait listing

    • The easiest way to start accessing sessions within the Swim Smooth Perth squad is to go to http://www.swimsmoothperth.com/register-c15q or open your Squad App and add yourself to a session even if a wait list is in place.
    • The wait list process is proving very effective indeed, so even though you might see 10+ people ahead of you when you sign up for a wait list, there's still a very high chance that you will get in as people start to opt out close to that 12hr window. Gone are the days when people used to joke that "someone has to die before you'll get a space in the Swim Smooth Perth Squad"! In the last 18 months we have increased the capacity of the squad by 30% without once having an over-susbcribed session due to how the system handles permanent members with those on the wait-list.
    • The system assumes that if you are still on the wait-list for a session prior to the 12hr window closing, that you want to attend the session even if you confirm or not. Please be quick to indicate if you cannot attend by either responding "N" to the SMS or opening up the app, visiting My Waitlists and cancelling your spot there. Equally, please remove yourself from a wait list as soon as you know you cannot attend to avoid this issue occurring.
    • If you are offered multiple wait list spots at once, sometimes your SMS notification system might only confirm you for the most recently added one. If you intend to attend all of them, don't worry as you'll be added in anyway (even if it shows "unconfirmed") - but if you can not attend one any longer, just opt-out from your Squad App as you would any other session by navigating to the session in question and selecting "cancel class".
    • Don't like the uncertainty of using the wait list, as soon as you have accessed the same session via the wait list 4+ times in a row, shoot me an email to swimsmooth@me.com to enquire about a permanent spot in that specific session - this shows us there must be space if you are picking up regular spots like this.

    Why do I never show as being in credit despite having just bought some more sessions?

    • Permanent Members: when you buy a new block of sessions, these will automatically be reconciled against future booked sessions which often creates a bit of confusion as to why you seemingly have no available credit. In order to hold your permanent spot, this is simply how this has to work. For example, you swim with us 3 times per week, 50 weeks of the year - as such you have 150 booked sessions at the start of each new year (August). Unless you have bought more than 150 credits, you'll always show on the system as having 150 unpaid visits less the ones you have credit for, i.e. 25 credits in this scenario would appear as 125 Unpaid Visits. You will be prompted via an automated email when you are down to 3, 2, 1, 0 sessions truly remaining.
    • Non-permanent / Wait-list Members: as you have no permanent bookings in place, your account will always read true for how many credits you have available less any that you have just been added to from the wait list in the future as these are being held for you.

    Running low on credit / expiry time

    • You will receive an email (assuming you are opted in: see Email / SMS Reminders above) when you are running low on credit or low on available expiry time to use your credits. Please top-up as soon as you are able which will halt the automated emails counting you down.

    Buying more sessions

    • Even if you have your card details logged in the system, when you are low on credit you'll still need to put a payment through using the "Buy Services" option. We do not have permission to put through an unauthorised payment without your consent (you'll be pleased to know!).

    Emergencies are not lie-ins...

    • Emergencies happen - if you have to miss a session due to a last minute emergency, please just let me know via email to swimsmooth@me.com and I will re-credit the session for you (this doesn't include lie-ins unfortunately!)

    Reconciliation (the bane of my life!)

    • On Thursday each week I have to go through and manually reconcile the next week's visits (typically 350!) given how dynamic the system is with people dropping-in / dropping-out etc. Sadly this is how the system has to work in order to hold spots for the Permanent Members of the squad (there is no work-around). As such, if your details appear to change with respect to how many sessions are showing in credit / unpaid, this is normally why. Don't panic, it's us fiddling around at the back end.
    • The system is geared-up to be an incredibly extensive database and as such every action that you or we take on your account is recorded as it occurs to the second. Given this we are able to easily reconcile any issues or queries that you may have, so please don't be afraid to shoot me an email to swimsmooth@me.com and I will check up for you.

    Mailing list / keeping posted

    • to be kept regularly updated on all squad news please ensure you have entered your email details at http://www.swimsmoothperth.com/login in the top-right blue box and for last minute notices the Squad App also allows me to communicate via the means of a pop-up notification on your phone too. If you are receiving this email but have never received the Squad Blog before to your email address, you are not registered and need to do this yourself (again for privacy opt-in legislation).

    Hope this helps! Thanks for your time. 


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