Thursday, October 6, 2016

Rottnest 2017 Program now ready to rumble!

Get your Rotto on like Janine!

Dear Swimmers

I hope you're having a great week! As promised, our 2017 Rottnest Solo training program is now ready to view at 

This year we've pulled out all the stops and have created an entirely bespoke step-by-step, session-by-session guide for you which allows you to systematically track your development to ensure you are in the best possible shape come Saturday 25th February (the Rottnest Channel Swim) or Saturday 25th March (the Port-to-Pub). 

In the past we've always produced a FREE training template (last year's: ) which aimed to provide a skeleton program indicating recommended training volume and intensity over the period of 20 weeks. Whilst this contained the detail for several of the longer distance pool sets, open water swims and races to do, if you were training independent of the squad itself, you were at a bit of a disadvantage of not being able to tap into the day-2-day sessions that make up the nuts and bolts of the squad. Now you can have full access to all this information (as described below - 100+ detailed sessions to print out and complete) and track your progress as you go. This will be ideal for those of you when are also attending the squad via the waitlist (and not getting all of your call-ups) or travelling away with work quite a bit. 

I'm quite excited myself to be following this program in full myself - I'll be the ultimate guinea pig and the program the ultimate litmus test of all the learned marathon swimming experience I've gathered over the past 8 years. Personally I shall be crewing for my swimmer Brad Smith (hopeful for a win this time after 2nd overall earlier this year) on the 25th February and then partaking in the Port-to-Pub 25km 4 weeks later. Time to get that mojo firing!

So for under $20/mo you get access to the following by going to and following the prompts - enjoy! It's going to be a great summer with Swim Smooth Perth!

Full guidance all the way and accessible on any of your internet connected devices

Log in each day to view your dashboard and see how your efforts are stacking up

Set your goal so the Guru can prompt you according to how many sessions you can fit in each week (NOTE: the Rottnest 2017 Program will be a viable drop-down over the weekend)

Every session (all 100+!) lined out on the left hand vertical panel so you can see exactly what's coming up!

Every session can be neatly printed out and brought down to the pool with you to follow step-by-step!

How can we claim the program is bespoke and specific to your ability? Enter in your latest CSS Test information (features as the 3rd session in Week 1) and the Guru will tell you precisely what Mode and what numbers to enter into your Tempo Trainer Pro in much the same way as Paul does on the pool deck for you each week - it's WAY cool!

Keep a track of your CSS development over the course of the program!

Every time you login, your next session is easily accessible from the dashboard!

Ensure continual development by learning to Tweak your CSS as you feel yourself improving!

Track your fitness improving and flag down times when you might be over-cooking it a bit and need to back off a smidgen - the Guru knows you better than yourself!

Feel like doing a non-plan session by yourself or with friends or even attending a squad session and want to enter the details of that instead? No worries, now you can - this will all count towards your total weekly distance!

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