Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Squad fees 2016/17

Dear Swimmers

Please be advised that the following fees will apply to the squad PAYG-BLUK credits system from 1/7/16:

  • Casual visit = $20.00 (no change)
  • 10 sessions (3-month expiry*) = $159.00 (from $156.00)
  • 10 sessions (12-month expiry*, specifically for those attaining temporary spots via the wait list**) = $179.00 (from $175.00)
  • 25 sessions (4-month expiry*) = $350.00 (from $343.20)
  • 50 sessions (6-month expiry*) = $627.50 (from $616.30)
  • 100 sessions (8-month expiry*) = $1,120.00 (from $1,100.00)

As ever, we have endeavoured to keep these increases down to an absolute minimum, but each year face increases in fees and charges for utilising the Claremont Pool that have ranged between 4% and 33% over the years. We thank you for your understanding and continued patronage.

*please note that all swimmers are permitted a 1-month extension on the expiry of a single block of PAYG-BLUK credits within one financial calendar year to help with holidays away, sickness, work trips etc. You will be automatically notified if / when you are running low on available time for your block of credits, in which case please simply contact us to request an extension.

**we are currently extending the squad schedule out beyond the 2nd week in August, so if you're wondering why you can't sign up (or cancel out) of sessions beyond this point, that is why. It's a bit of a mammoth undertaking but we're getting there! All permanent member's spots will be automatically rolled over unless you inform us otherwise. A notification when this has been completed will be sent out to you.

Squad Availability:

With the quieter months upon us, now is a great time to get registered into some of these sessions and use the app to it's fullest. Good availability can be found in the following sessions currently:

  • Monday 7am
  • Tuesday 6.30am
  • Wednesday / Friday 9.30am
  • Tuesday / Thursday 6.15pm

…most of the wait listed spots for the above sessions are offered out each week, so there may even be the possibility of snaffling up a permanent spot here and there. Please let us know by return email if you are keen.

Many thanks,


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