Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Bring a mate for just $5 and develop some awesome open water skills too!

Dear Swimmers

It's getting to the pointy end of the open water season with Rotto now just 6 weeks away! To celebrate and help you in your final preparations for this event (and others!) we're inviting you bring a mate along to the Saturday 1-2pm open water skills session at Claremont Pool for just $5! 

All you need do is book yourself in as normal* using either the app (available at if you haven't already got it) or the old school way through this page:!register/c15q and rock up each Saturday over the next six weeks with a mate and five bucks and you can both enjoy the best session of the week down at Claremont Pool.

What's more, I'll personally be back on pool deck to deliver all six of these Saturday sessions in my usual hyped-up way, so you can be assured that I'm going to be working you hard whilst we all have some fun in the sunshine too! All 13 of our international coaches will be in attendance too - they might even hop in the water with you (two are former Olympians!).

During this session you will practice:

  • drafting skills
  • sighting skills
  • turning skills
  • high octane efforts
  • having fun in the sun!
*offer is valid with one full-fee paying swimmer per guest - you decide how you want to split the "extra" coffee money afterwards!

Thursday open water swims:

A group of now about 20 people is meeting every Thursday morning at the Claremont Jetty for an open water swim ranging between 2 and 10km. Not to leave those of you south of the river out, but a twin group is also meeting at 6am every Thursday morning on the opposite side of the river at Bicton Baths. You are more than welcome to join either (this is a free session). The question is - which group will finish their distance first - get your binoculars out to check!!

Time Trials:

We haven't run a series of 400 / 200 Time Trials in a while now. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten! The new format of a dual group in each lane essentially racing against each other on the harder sessions is proving to be an excellent breeding ground for improvement and we've seen some awesome results from the squad in races already this year because of this change. This doesn't necessarily make the time trials redundant per se, but I am finding that people are getting more improvement from consistently attending these sessions as full 1.6-2.2km main sets as opposed to just a total of 600m hard work. Equally, many of the harder sessions actually feature time-trial-like efforts now anyway. That may come as a blessed relief to many of you, but if you're one of the diehards who is really missing the CSS Test at the moment, please do drop me some feedback by return email and we'll look at slotting in a testing session in the next month or so, possibly on a Saturday around the 1-2pm session. The results that people are getting is showing unequivocally that the new system is working very well indeed, even if you might feel a tad lost without an actual CSS time to cling onto at present.

Hope that helps explain!

Have a great day!


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