Sunday, December 13, 2015

Please vote for me in the "40under40" Awards!

Dear Swimmers

Today I have some exciting (and somewhat daunting!) news for you - I've been selected for the "40under40" Awards:

"Established in 2002 by BUSINESSNEWS, the 40under40 Awards programme is designed to recognise and celebrate Western Australia's 40 leading business entrepreneurs under the age of 40. The programme recognises not only personal determination and commercial drive, but also the philanthropic pursuits that balance these young individuals' professional achievements, recognising the less public contributions to the welfare of Western Australia. - See more at:"

I was a little shocked to say the least, as for the last 11 years (almost to the day!), I've simply been running "Swim Smooth" as a program to help adults like yourself improve their efficiency and enjoyment of swimming here in the WA community. With a little hard work, plenty of enthusiasm, and some massive help from some key people in my life, Swim Smooth is now at a stage where what you do on a day-2-day basis with me down at the Claremont Pool is being officially put out in 119 countries around the world through the endorsement and adoption of the International Triathlon Union (the world governing body for triathlon) as their chosen swim coaching program:

"The opportunity to have Swim Smooth's expert knowledge taught to triathlon coaches is invaluable to our global coaching development education goals," said ITU President and IOC Member Marisol Casado. "The resources offer insight on both training and technique, providing information to coaches instructing athletes of all abilities."

A significant portion of this work for the ITU, British Triathlon and also here in WA with Triathlon Western Australia (2003-4) and Swimming WA (2014 to current) is work which we have done on a non-paid basis for the betterment of this wonderful sport that we all love so much. Maybe if I'd been in mining or engineering (like my parents told me!) the numbers might stack up better against my fellow candidates, but for our niche, we're doing OK!

I still enjoy what I do today as much as when I started all those years ago (to some extent, even more as I am now coaching coaches to coach what I coach all around the world - now there's a tongue-twister!!), and whilst this nomination is very humbling, I have to recognise that I'm up against some pretty stiff competition in the form of some very formidable business personalities from WA!!

Anyway, if you like what we do at Swim Smooth and you've found that it's made a difference in your life, I'd really appreciate your support and vote in the People's Choice Award. To do so and give me a chance to get up there, please visit:

…I'm about two-thirds down the list, under one of our very own squad swimmers and property magnate, Paul Blackburne.

To vote, simply check the radio button to the left of my mug-shot and then scroll to the bottom, complete your name and email address and then just press "submit". Job done. Will take you 2 seconds, promise!

Thanks very much!


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