Thursday, September 17, 2015

Final Call for Saturday AM Session Proposal

Dear Swimmers

Just a quick update on this one that we are only at about half capacity to make the proposed Saturday long endurance session a feasible option and I will need to make a final decision on this over the weekend. I think I was a little late off the taxi rank with this one but thank you for those who suggested it. I also understand that committing to the full 12 weeks as an enrolment rather than PAYG might not suit all, but given the significant cost of running this session this is our only option. 

So, if you / your friends are keen, please let us know after reading the details below and completing the form at the bottom. I see it as an excellent chance to create some group atmosphere and support for the longer events. Thanks!

If we do not proceed and park this till next year, worry not about your focus, I will still be planning and preparing a program for you to follow individually. 

Saturday early AM sessions:

With the run-up to bigger events like the Rottnest Channel Swim and the Busselton Ironman / 70.3 event, we have investigated the possibility of a long endurance session on a Saturday morning at Claremont Pool. This is something we've only ever done very informally and it's always lacked a bit of group cohesion as a consequence. However, this is a massively costly affair given that we'd need the pool to open 90 minutes earlier than it does and to pay for a Duty Manager and Life Guard during this period, but given recent discussions with some of you, the popularity of such a session might prove viable if we ran it on an enrolment of say 12 weeks, rather than as a PAYG.

How it'd work:

  • the session would commence every Saturday at 5.30am and run for 12 weeks up to Christmas, starting 3rd October
  • it would start off as a 90 minute session, building to 2.5 hours as those of you preparing for Rottnest get fitter / stronger. For those of you doing shorter events (like Ironman / 70.3) you'd be able to get out after ~75 minutes having completed 4-5km. An idea would be for you to have your bike ready in the car park and to then head out on a long - รก-la the perfect long brick session!
  • post-Christmas, once a group is established, we'd venture out into the open water to specifically train in the river / ocean as a group
  • the sessions would be focused on long endurance intervals and would feel almost like a cross between a Tuesday AM session and the harder Wednesday "Red Mist" AM session
  • we'd need a minimum enrolment of 40 people to make it viable
  • the enrolment fee for the 12 weeks would likely be $300, exclusive of pool entry (subject to confirmation of all costs from the Claremont Council)
  • this session would be open to anyone currently swimming in the squad AND also anyone new to the squad too 
  • swimmers should be capable of swimming 1,000m continuously

To register your interest for our planning / consideration, please complete this form:

Kind regards

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