Monday, August 17, 2015

A few known teething issues, but rest assured we are working on them!

Rest assured, we're keeping full manual hand-written back-ups whilst we make the transition to the new system!

Dear Swimmers

Many thanks to those of you whom have already signed into your accounts and popped along this morning to use the new system for the first time. As suspected, there have been a few teething issues that we've become aware of and are working through things as we speak. I just wanted to apologise for any inconvenience, thank you for your support and let you know that all of your attendances are being tracked manually too at this stage to ensure accuracy. Cyndy is helping me out on the pool deck this week ensuring that I can get on with the coaching and you can all just enjoy your swimming! She's a legend!

If you haven't attended a session yet, I wouldn't worry about any of the below, but I've listed some tips which have come to light in this morning's first use, some of which we're working on, some of which might simply help set you straight if you've become stuck anywhere along the line. Like I say, no need to read unless you're interested - just know that we're working hard to resolve everything asap:

  1. NOT BEING ABLE TO SEE THE LOGIN WINDOW: if you're using the web browser "Safari" on an Apple computer, you might be seeing the error message "Cookies are required to access this site" when trying to login - that does not mean chocolate chip cookies (as grateful as the coaches would be for those!), but that your Privacy settings might be blocking this specific portal. If this is you, click on the word "Safari" in the top-left of your screen and on the drop-down select "Preferences…" and then the Privacy icon and ensure that "Allow from websites I visit" is checked. Now close this and re-open your browser window and type in into your browser window and select the "Get your account set up" option and either scroll all the way to the bottom of the text or click the blue "LOGIN / PAY" button at the top and hopefully this will now show the online portal. In about 7-10 days, I plan to remove the video landing page and also the long page of text showing you how to set-up your account as this is purely for information purposes in getting set-up.
  2. TROUBLE LOGGING IN: the username and password information I sent through seems to have caused a bit of confusion for some. Sorry if this was you. Your username is your email address and your default password is the word "swim" (without the parenthesis) followed by your mobile number, e.g. swim0431540980 - some of you missed off the word "swim" and some dialled in 0400000000 as your password, but this won't work!
  3. WHAT YOU SEE WHEN YOU'RE IN: once you're in, go ahead and change your password using the directions I sent through on Saturday. In about 7-10 days, I plan to get this page to automatically sign-in to your nominated sessions so that you can quickly and easily cancel out of any sessions if needs be. If you've tried doing this already, you'll know if can be a slightly tedious process for 6+ sessions that you might want to cancel out of (plus you get an email note for each one). Two solutions here: 1) if enough people complain I can turn-off the auto-email confirmation; 2) for long trips away, send me your dates of exactly which sessions you'll be missing and I can do this behind the scenes myself. Obviously the long-term goal is to make this self-managed as best as possible.
  4. CREDIT BALANCE NOT SHOWING: we are working our way through the fact that some of you are not seeing all of your credit balance and that your expiry date might be 2025! Rest assured, what we are seeing our end is correct and that we're using our manual records to cross-reference this repetitively - so much for reducing the admin time! But it will get better! Just continue to keep coming down and signing in and we'll rectify this little bug which I think has come via the data conversion process. This seems to be a slightly weird scenario as some people are seeing their balance on their computer, but not on their smartphone and then the number appears "off" on the iPad at the pool too. Don't panic, this is our biggest thing to get right. I'll keep you posted.
  5. NOT BEING ABLE TO SIGN-IN WITH THE APP: those of you "Cool Kids" who had already downloaded the app ( were having trouble "signing in" this morning. I believe this was purely my error, in that I had "auto sign-in" enabled. I have now disabled this and it should now allow you to sign-in on your smartphone from 12:01am on the day of the session. This should also ensure that those of you who are a "no show" don't get docked a credit for not showing up as you won't technically be signed in until you either show up and do it on the iPad or elect to do it on your smartphone. Apologies if you were on 3 credits this morning, didn't show, and then received an email saying you were down to 2 credits and need to top-up (the default reminder). I have re-instated that credit manually and we will test this again tomorrow. Down the line I am hoping that people become familiar with their account through the app or online portal and learn how to opt-out of a session up to 12 hours before.

Hope this all helps. If you've noticed anything else a little strange, please do let me know. Equally, I hope you can see the benefits in this new system for us and you once we have worked through the teething issues and thank you for your support and patience whilst we get it sorted.



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