Friday, May 22, 2015

Quick update on yesterday's Blog...

Dear Swimmers

Massive thanks for the dozens and dozens of responses I've had to yesterday's Blog, specifically with regard to payment systems and whether we should look at moving towards a more monthly-subscription based model. It seems that the overwhelming majority of you like things just the way they are and that feedback gives me great comfort to know that it's been working well for you all, especially with respect to the flexibility that the PAYG system offers you when your work, life, social calendar is busy. So all good there - thanks so much for taking the time to feed that back to me!

Getting a little nervous this end - house just went up online at - we have our first home open tomorrow at 1:15-2pm - wish us luck and please feel free to tell your friends!!! There's nothing quite like a home open to help you de-clutter your life! If nothing else I'm feeling much lighter in that respect…now, where did I put that TV remote?!

Cheers and have a great weekend!


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