Thursday, March 5, 2015

Any more room at the inn?

Dear Swimmers

Hope you are doing well? Things are going well over here (full update later in the week!) but suffice to say I had an interesting weekend coaching at the London Triathlon EXPO when I was asked to coach a former Pussy Cat Dolls singer on how to swim efficient freestyle! Well, I couldn't exactly knock that offer back could I?! :-)

From Monday 20th April until Saturday 2nd May (and likely a few days either side), we will be inviting five new coaches over to Perth for some more Swim Smooth coach certification. In the past some of you have very kindly opened your doors and allowed them to stay with you whilst they are training with us on the pool deck and this time we are also hoping some of you might be able to assist. The coaches will be happy to pay some contributions to living and accommodation costs at your discretion of course. The coaches are:

  • Enrique from Spain
  • Lucy from Manchester, UK
  • Emma from London, UK
  • Russell from New Zealand
  • Fenella from Hong Kong

Please let me know by return email if you are able to assist - your help will be very much appreciated.



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