Friday, December 12, 2014

The wait is finally over! Today we enhance the way swim coaching is delivered for the better!

Dear Swimmers

You may or may not be aware, but in amongst all the 430am wake-up calls six days per week, the hours spent telling you to "Mind That Gap!" on pool deck, the partnerships created with national and world governing bodies in both swimming and triathlon, over the last two and half years we've been building something VERY special which will change and enhance the way swim coaching is delivered for the better!

Announcing our NEW Swim Smooth Coaching System!

A personal coach for swimmers, triathletes and coaches! Available for you to use wherever you are on any phone, tablet or computer - in fact anywhere you can access the internet!

The Swim Smooth Coaching System is a revolution in swim coaching resources, having everything at your fingertips from simple pointers and videos through to training plans and ideas makes this a must have for any coach, or swimmer who utilises Swim Smooth methods. This is all of Swim Smooth's ideas and philosophy, all created and developed right here in sunny old Perth, put together in a seamless one-stop package with inbuilt intelligence to guide you smoothly through the system.

You can access the entire system for much less than the cost of two squad sessions per month! Just think, even when you're working away and can't attend our squad sessions here in Perth, you can stay right up to date and have a plethora of sessions at your fingertips to keep you on track!

In the words of Jeff Davis, Lane 3, MON 7am / WED 530am / FRI 530am squad swimmer:

It looks and feels like an app but it actually houses the entire Swim Smooth coaching system: training sessions, training plans, instructional videos, swim type stroke correction and much more all at your fingertips! My only regret is that now everyone will have access to Swim Smooth's secrets!

Here are some more pointers from swimmers within the squad whom you will be familiar with:

As an athlete, it tells me what paces I need to be training at - there's no hiding from the numbers! It allows me to access so many training sessions that the possibility of boredom no longer exists. Keeping this Smooth motivated is no mean feat!! As a coach, It's the single best tool in coaching my triathletes to become better swimmers. It helps me know where they're at and how to make improvements. For my athletes it helps them better understand their swimming style, the drills needed to improve their biomechanics and the type of training needed to improve!! It covers all area's and ultimately makes me a better coach!!

Guy Crawford, Pro Triathlete & Coach and occasional squad swimmer :-)

Although I swim 3 sessions a week in the Perth Squads, I was keen to get a copy of the Catch Masterclass DVD for an upcoming month's holidays in Europe - I've improved my CSS to the tune of over 20 secs/100 in the last 2 years, but I've been looking for ways to make my next step improvements. I have four 50 meter pools in 3 countries that I plan to visit to keep my training going over the Christmas period….now that I've signed up for the new Swim Smooth Coaching System I have all your resources in one online spot; including the full Catch Masterclass video series accessible for free! There seems no end to the plans/ sessions/ videos/ technique tips and coaching available, so I'm looking forward to properly making use of this over the coming months. Perfect timing for my next phase of assault on my CSS :-). Thanks Swimsmooth!

Sean Webb, AKA "Mr Tight-pants", Lane 4 TUE/FRI 630am & Lane 3 WED 530am squad swimmer

I love the new web-app. I already have your book and swim with the squad here in Perth yet I've already learnt so much more by watching the videos and explanations of why we do what we do - I particularly like being able to watch drills executed correctly and there's just so much more great content I know I've only scratched the surface!

Rhian Chin, Lane 2 WED / FRI 930am squad swimmer

As both swimmer and coach can't believe the amazing supply of information to be found here. Provision of training sessions and video footage are incredibly useful and so easy to access. Got to be the best swimming site out there!

Viki Shelver, Westcoast Masters, Joondalup

As a swim coach of a large surf life saving club in Western Australia with swimmers of varying abilities from beginners to elite athletes competing at Australian level, I am often faced with the challenge of trying to develop swim sessions and a variety of drill sets that cater for the different levels. For the majority of the time as a coach I can identify the errors in my athletes strokes and can correct them but at times I get stuck and I am lost in how to proceed or help the athletes. Luckily Swim Smooth's web-app is the answer to my problems.

This interactive website has an abundance of resources from how to set out a coaching session, different types of swimming styles, drills and a variety of different swim sessions to cater for all levels and abilities regardless of what their swimming goal is.

The one thing I like most about this website is the interactive break down of the variety of drills. With each drill, the drill is broken down into small segments and shown in a variety of different angles both on top of the water and also underneath. I think this is fantastic as I can have an electronic device on pull deck to show novice swimmers exactly what we are trying to achieve and be able to isolate the key areas in which they are lacking. As well as the drill break down, the main teaching points are reiterated in dot points which aids as a reference for me to reinforce the key points of the drill to the more experienced swimmers.

By having the link to the variety of swim styles I also can access which drills are the most effective for the swimmer to improve their efficiency in the water for their unique swim style.

As a swimmer of nearly 30 years and a swim coach of 10 years, I have never come across such an amazing swimming resources as the one that Swim Smooth have created.

Anna-Lee Hazell, Swanbourne Surf Living Saving Club Coach and FRI 530am Lane 4 squad swimmer

I am so thrilled to finally get this massive labour of love out of the door and hope that you can all make use of what is the culmination (and start!) of ten years dedicated work in this area that I love so much!

Have a great weekend!

Paul, Adam and The Swim Smooth Team

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