Thursday, November 27, 2014

Christmas Holidays and Fees

Dear Swimmers

Wow! What a weird few days it's been weather-wise - we even got evacuated from Challenge Stadium yesterday thinking it was due to the lightening but discovered there had been a chlorine gas leak! Seeing the lifeguards come running out with full-on gas masks on was slightly disconcerting I have to say! Anyway we escaped unscathed and were well looked after…

As is the norm we will be pausing the squad sessions over the Christmas period for just under 2 weeks to allow everyone a little R&R and time with their families etc. If you don't like to slow down over this period, don't panic either, I have a very-soon-to-be-announced solution which will appeal to you tremendously too! Watch this space.

Down Time

Currently we're looking at the last session being Saturday 20th December (1-2pm open water skills session) and then re-booting on Monday 5th January with the 7-8am technique session. However, I just need to clarify availability with the coaches for Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd December and subject to their availability - and your interest (which you don't need to inform me via email but please let me know casually next Monday / Tuesday in the appropriate squads) - we may run these sessions as well. 

I will keep you posted after next week.


As mentioned back in June, our lane hire fees were again increased this year by another 10% on the already substantial increase last year of 33%. I mentioned in June that as attendance numbers were looking good for the winter (which they have proven to be), I would hold off increasing PAYG Card and 1-2-1 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction fees and see how things panned out until the end of the 1st quarter as a token of my appreciation for all your support. That quarter has been and gone and with an annual increase of approximately $6k in my lane fee costs this year, I can report that we have covered 80% of the increased costs for this 6 month pro-rata period with your attendance, but I will regrettably have to increase our fees from 1st January 2015 onwards. 

The following fees will be:

  • 10 session card = $150 (or $15 per session) with a 12 week expiry
  • 25 session card = $330 (or $13.20 per session) with a 20 week expiry
  • 50 session card = $590 (or $11.80 per session) with a 25 week expiry
  • Casual Session = $18
  • 121 Video Analysis & Stroke Correction Session (75 minutes) = $219
  • 121 Stroke Correction Follow-Up Session (60 minutes) = $169

Please note currently my first 121 session availability is mid-April 2015 if you were thinking of enquiring on a session. All swimmers currently booked in for a 121 session will be sent a separate email offering them the 2013/14 prices if payment is made prior to 1st January 2015.

Thanks for your understanding and support on these matters. I've held off increasing our fees for 18 months but inevitably we have had to make this adjustment owing to the increased lane fees at the pool. They tell me it's a "fact of business" but it has to be my least favourite thing to do! Sorry.


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