Thursday, May 8, 2014

The NEW swim box has finally landed!

Please note: I am still waiting on a few times from last week’s Time Trials before I publish the data - please do make a record yourself and don’t forget you can easily calculate your CSS pace by using our little calculator here:

Also, don't forget, Saturday's 1-2pm Squad Open Water Skills session returns again as normal (and going forwards!) with Coach Sally at the helm - this is a great session to get along to and for this week only, meet Riki, our visiting elite junior triathlete from Kuala Lumpur - he said he'd like to have some feet to chase this week - can anyone help him out??

Dear Swimmers

Please welcome to the Swim Smooth Perth “family” - our very special NEW swim box who we’re going to call “Syd” (after our old Swim Smooth Bus circa 2005!):

Syd has been 7 weeks in the workshop but now he’s ready in all his powder-coated aluminium glory! I hope you’ll make him feel welcome:

He’s still waiting on his whiteboard lid which will be laser plastered on there on Friday at ~11am and then he’ll be truly “open for business”!

Here’s some more shots showing the features…can you tell I’m excited??

When he arrived…

Adding the logos…some better than the others if you closely inspect!

The lid, where the new widescreen whiteboard will be clearly visible from all 4 lanes!

I like to think he prettifies the pool deck rather than being a bit of an eyesore like his predecessor!

Inside: a place for everything, and everything in its place!

The “Staff Only” sign is really just to ward off the general public, many of whom freely help themselves to our kit and often don’t return - you are more than welcome to access and borrow the kit from the two right-hand training kit compartments…alternatively, you might like to order some of your own to be assured of some proper kit every session - here’s what we have available:

IMPORTANT: Please can we request that if you use the kit during a session, please remove as much excess water as possible before returning it neatly in the relevant section: paddles and pull buoys in the middle column and fins in the right column…thank you! It might also be an idea to get yourself kitted out prior to the start of each session rather than having to either ask the coach midway through or hop out yourself…be prepared it’ll Smooth-out your session!

Mish reckons I’m no good at DIY but I’ve cleverly crafted this rain-cover table-top from perspex which also includes sections for the relevant Tempo Trainers per lane to be readied - cool hey?!

The lid covers this area to stop it getting wet over the winter…

We also have a holder for our clipboards, leaflets and even a suncream dispenser…watch out for the drips though please! :-)

I have sectioned the good paddles (Finis Freestylers and Agility Paddles) from the older ones that we have available for use…please pop them back where you found them - thanks!

I’ve permanently got my wet-weather gear stored closely at hand…bring on the rain I say! ;-)

Now you’ll always know where to pop your PAYG card…in the blue box on the outer right corner of the box as you look at it when you walk towards it - simple!

…and it’ll always be ready to collect from the “Ticked Off” tray on the outer left corner on the far side of Syd when you finish!

I’ve got some hardcore heavy-duty drawers for all my important bits and pieces…

…and also some great wheels for rolling him around (he’s a heavy lad at +120kg!)

So, there you go - I hope you like Syd and welcome him into the family! Have a great weekend!


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