Friday, April 27, 2012

Apologies on behalf of the pool

Dear Swimmers

Sincere apologies on behalf of Claremont Pool to those of you who turned up this morning for the 530am session to find that the pool was closed.

I was down at the pool all ready and raring as usual but couldn't let anyone in. This was very frustrating as you can imagine!!!

Thanks to the 20 of you who stayed around to swim and got to start at 605am - you were rewarded with a free session of course and sincere thanks to the 630am crew for sympathizing with the situation and allowing the 530am crew to finish their set whilst you warmed up as normal.

I believe a few of you have wrote to the council regarding this issue. Frustrating for everyone but I'm assured it won't happen again.



Kind regards


P.S great 1pm session planned for tomorrow if you can make it - ideal for Busso HIM athletes in particular!

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