Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spot light on the Wednesday early morning swim!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all recovering from the weekend's Channel Swim if you were involved? I'm feeling the heat is more sapping right now than the effort to swim 20km to be fair! ;-)

Just to let you know that it is anticipated that numbers at most of the squads will ease off a bit over the next few weeks whilst the Solo swimmers in particular take a well earned rest. If you've been waiting to get a place in the squad for a while now, please re-email me to confirm this interest and I'll try to slot you in where I can. The plan is to see how this week pans out and make an assessment as to where we're at with respect to space going forwards, so I'll contact you next week to let you know if there's space available.

One session that will undoubtedly free up a bit is tomorrow morning's 5.30am Wednesday Long Swim. If you've never attended this one it works like this: we arrive at 5.30am and spend 10-15 minutes stretching on pool deck before hitting the water at ~5.45am. All lanes effectively follow the same session (albeit at lane/swimmer-specific intensity) with the goal of making it as far through the session as you can, or want to. We have up to 7.30am available, so on a good day the fast lane would get in up to 6000m, but there is no problem at all with jumping out after 45-60 minutes or whenever is best for you. We will maintain the same endurance-based focus of this session as prior to the Rottnest Swim as without doubt, those who were not Channel-ing it last weekend but whom have attended this session as their 3rd of the week have found it to really help lift performance and fitness. Admittedly it's not the world's most "interesting" session (given longer intervals and close awareness of pacing strategies over lots of shorter intervals and drill work), but I guess it's whatever floats your boat and what you hope to achieve at this stage in the season. It would be ideally suited to those of you now focussing on the Half Ironman in May or even some of the various Ironman events on offer.

Hope to maybe see you then? Please let me know if you plan to try this out tomorrow.

Labour Day Weekend:

Just to confirm, swimming will be on as normal this Friday 4th March (5.30am, 6.30am, 9.30am), and also Saturday 5th March (1pm), but there will be NO sessions on Monday 7th March (7am and 9.30am) owing to the Labour Day Public Holiday. Swimming will resume as normal on Tuesday 8th March.



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