Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Next few days of training...

Dear All

Owing to the fact that I am anticpating that many of you whom are training up for the Busselton Half Ironman may potentially be away for several of the upcoming weekends (including Karri Valley Triathlon on the 15th March and Easter the week after), I have decided to reschedule our sessions slightly over the next few days in order to get some of the sessions in that I hope you all will before the race. That way, if you are planning a family trip away over Easter, at least you can rest safely in the knowledge that you have got the necessary miles under your belt!


am: this will still be a moderate swim session owing to recovery week (no change)

pm: this will still be a moderate run session owing to recovery week (no change)


am: we will meet at 6.45am for a 7am start down at Cottesloe Beach this week. Plan is to do either a) 2 loops down to North Cott and back (3.2km) if you're feeling fresh; or b) 1 loop to North Cott and back (1.6km) followed by a few ins&outs a-la Saturday morning's typical session. All-in-all this will still be a moderate session.


am: there will be no openwater session this morning, instead we shall meet at the Dodgy Dunnies carpark on the south-west side of the Narrows Bridge at 6.20am for a 6.30am (sharp) start. We will head down the Freeway bike path to accustom ourselves with the new route in preparation for the next few weeks which will follow this same course. Whilst some may argue the "enjoyment factor" of this ride, it is a great one for Busselton...if you want to race well on race day, this route is a "must". We'll ride for ~2h30 to 3h00 at a steady pace (given that its still recovery week) and then hop off and go for a 20 mins run off the bike around South Perth. As such, I'd recommend driving down to the Dodgy Dunnies prior to the bike start with your gear, although please make sure you have nothing valuable on display for fear of thieves in the area!*


Rest Day

*please note that Saturday's will now take on this format for the next several a reminder that its 6.20am meet for a 6.30am start at the Dodgy Dunnies - you have been "briefed!" Cheers.


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