Monday, October 19, 2009

Tony, Lotti and Bill mix it up at the World Masters!

Dear Swimmers

Whilst some of us were wondering how many 100m intervals we had left to complete the 10,000m relay challenge on Sunday, Tony and Loretta Van Merwyk, together with Bill Moody, were whooping it up at the World Masters Swimming Championships in Sydney.

Tony and Lotti entered the 50m, 100m, 200m and 400m freestyle events, with Bill entering the sprint events of 50m and 100m. They had some impressive results (see below). Tony said that for him and Lotti (having competed here once before), that they are now quicker than they were 7 years ago - which is no mean fete! Well done. 

Bill took up the challenge following a slight bit of goading from myself after a Friday morning Fresh & Fruity session where he blew away everyone in the pool over a 50m sprint, including the super-fish in lane 3 who mostly have long swimming backgrounds. 

The World Masters championships are a great event to get involved in. In 2013 they will be held in Turin which will be an amazing venue! Tony said the only draw-back was the fact that they had to do the YMCA and Macarena on the pool-deck in celebration! Very funny!!

Loretta Van Merwyk

  • 50m = 30.3
  • 100m = 1:07
  • 200m = 2:29
  • 400m = 5:13 (massive PB and 5th in her age category!!)

Tony Van Merwyk

  • 50m = 30.2 (got to get 0.1s over the missus!)
  • 100m = 1:06
  • 200m = 2:33
  • 400m = 5:33

Bill Moody

  • 50m = 32.0
  • 100m = 1:12

Well done guys!!

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