Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday mornings are where it's at!

Dear Swimmers

Brrrrr!!!!! Water temp = 17•, air temp = 4•!!! Still, we had 8
swimmers bravely attend the first open water swim of the season at
Cottesloe Beach this morning!!

This session was conducted by myself and one of our new coaching team
Adam Mullens who provided excellent water safety and support on a
Malibu board, feeding back to the swimmers with tips on sighting and
drafting etc.

Despite being a little chilly this morning, this session promises to
be a real beauty over the summer months. Please pop down and give it a
try when you get the chance. I have 4 spare wetsuits to try for those
without one and who dont fancy swimming in just their bathers just yet!

We will cover all aspects of efficient open water swimming including
drafting, sighting, turning and over coming anxiety etc. Plus it's a
whole heap of fun too - my personal favorite session of the week no



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