Monday, October 12, 2009

Results in from Kona

Dear Athletes

Hope you all had a great weekend. Whilst some of us were grumbling about the rain (again!) over the weekend, 6 guys from the squad were doing it tough over in Kona at the Hawaiian Ironman at the weekend. It certainly looked to be a tough day out there and especially the swim and run seemed to knock a few people around a bit. Our local Ironman "guru" (Mr Sandy Burt) who was busy analysing all the results as they were happening in real time believed that whilst the conditions were reported to be very windy on the bike, the times didn't necessarily show this with slow bike rides, but tended to manifest themselves with people struggling a little more on the run this time around.

We await full race reports from the guys when they arrive back, but for now, big congratulations to Ben, Todd, Ron, Matt, John and Rob for getting through the day - I am in awe at your tenacity chaps and would love to one day (one day) be out there at that event!



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