Thursday, November 29, 2018

14 years of Swim Smooth - a special, extended podcast to chart the ups and downs of the past 14 years!

Dear Swimmers

As you are probably aware, we recently launched our new Swim Smooth podcast and have just published our 4th episode which is a special extended look at the history of Swim Smooth since we launched here in sunny Perth way back in December 2004!

You can access the podcast here:

Other episodes include:

  1. Episode 1: Interview with Ironman AG World Champion and record holder, Dan Plews PhD (1h35m)
  2. Episode 2: Interview with Tom Hickman of the Bali-Hope SwimRun Challenge (0h41m)
  3. Episode 3: Interview with Dean Jackson the man / the myth / the legend behind HUUB Design (1h04m)

In today's special extended podcast (1h57m), listen to the founders of Swim Smooth (Paul Newsome and Adam Young) discuss the history of Swim Smooth itself since the creation with the very first website and DVD boxset back in 2004, right the way through Adam joining the team in 2008 and becoming the driving force in everything you know and love about Swim Smooth, all the way up to the current day and some further insight into where we're heading in the future. It's a long episode (nearly 2 hours in fact!), but should help you really understand what Swim Smooth is all about, the methodology, the concepts, some of the challenges and hurdles we've faced as well as how we've grown the program to be the coaching curriculum used and endorsed by both British Triathlon and the International Triathlon Union in 119 countries around the world!

You might find the supporting links, articles and websites in chronological order useful as a reference point:

2005 - Paul & Mish (now Paul's wife) head off around the UK running clinics and 1-2-1 sessions
2006 - the "Flame Wars" on reach boiling point between Swim Smooth and Total Immersion
2007 - Adam attends his first Swim Smooth 1-day swimmer's clinic
2008 - Paul and Adam's friendship builds and Adam drives the online presence in a way that Paul hasn't been able to do himself. Our first Learn To Swim DVD is produced in sunny Essex, UK ( ) and the idea for "Swim Types" starts to germinate.
2009 - Adam's brainchild (the Mr Smooth animation) is launched ( ). Increase in awareness of Swim Smooth starts to build, ultimately rising to a subscribership of over 125,000 weekly readers of our FREE blog
2010 - British Triathlon announces Swim Smooth as their coach education partner and the first 3-day Swim Smooth Coach Education Course ( ) is run and we officially launch 
2011 - Our third DVD, the Catch Masterclass  goes on to being the fastest selling swimming DVD on the internet and we run our first 2-week Certified Coaches Course ( ) in Perth. We partner up with HUUB Design to create the world's best wetsuit (as used by the Brownlee Brothers: )
2012 - We launch our very first Certified Swim Smooth Coaches ( ) of which we now have 48 worldwide (and growing) - make sure you register at . Wiley & Sons (the world's biggest book publishing company) approach Swim Smooth to write a book on swimming which quickly becomes one of the best selling and highest rated books on swim coaching of all time ( )
2013 - Paul wins the world's most prestigious marathon swimming event  and cements Swim Smooth in the history books as not just an effective way to swim, but a FAST way to swim too! 
2014 - The International Triathlon Union announces Swim Smooth as their coaching partner ( ) which sees Swim Smooth being put out around the world in 119 countries via the various triathlon governing bodies. We launch our biggest project to date, the Swim Smooth Guru ( )
2015 - Work commences on our Swim Smooth Kids program
2016 - The Swim Smooth Guru is refined, tweaked and improved to contain exciting new features such as CSS Tweaking and Fitness Tracking ( )
2017 - Filming commences on the Swim Smooth Kids program and we begin developing our coaching presence in the USA
2018 - We launch the new Swim Smooth podcast ( ) and also our brand new trip of a lifetime to Perth ( )

We hope you enjoy this cosy chat and finding out more about the history of Swim Smooth, whether you're joining us in the last few months or have been following us for many years!

You can also find us on @swimsmooth (Twitter / Instagram)

Paul & Adam

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Friday night is P-A-R-T-Y night!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you’re doing well this week…a bit chilly for mid-November though I have to say…the poolside thermometer read 9ºC this morning for the 5.30am squad!

Three items on today’s Blog:
  • Squad Party this Friday, 23rd November 5.30/6pm to ~10pm
  • A big congratulations to our most consistent squad swimmers in the last 12 months
  • Photo diary of our recent road trip to Kalgoorlie for your interest

Squad Christmas Party:
This Friday sees us celebrate everything that is swimming with the Swim Smooth Perth Squad (fun, friends and frivolity) and to also help us warm our new renovations as well - if you’ve attended one of the first 3 Christmas Party’s you’ll definitely notice a difference:

We kick off at 5.30/6pm on Friday 23rd November and will aim to wrap up around 10pm or when we’ve drained the last drop and scoffed the last nibble (whichever comes last!).
This year we have the following:
  • two bar staff to get me mingling more and off my heavy-handed cocktail mixing!
  • the pool (heated but please bring warm towels for the kids as the air temperature looks set to be low-mid 20s), a trampoline and some table tennis for the kids (please be sure to keep a good eye on them)
  • Mother Smooth dying to meet everyone!
  • some cool funky tunes
  • we’ll have some nibbles and wine / beer / champagne, but please feel free to BYO too as we’re never quite sure how many people will show up

…on that note, in previous years we’ve always had >100 people show up on an RSVP of 57 (max). This year we’ve got 98 RSVPs so that either tells me people are more onto the RSVPs this year, or that we’re going to have a very big turn out!! I’m thinking the latter (and slightly nervous now thinking about it!). I’m also thinking that given various events on Saturday (including the Saturday Stoic Squad Session - which will still go ahead with myself coaching), that the peak period to attend will be around 6.30pm to 8.30pm just FYI.
The key details are as follows:
  • address = 145 Alfred Road, Mount Claremont
  • time = 5.30/6pm to ~10pm
  • parking (best to get an Uber / taxi) but otherwise = on street parking on Strickland Street (south side of Alfred Road might be best) or down at the Mount Claremont Oval (600m walk up the hill) or at Deli ChiChi / Mount Claremont Bakery

Can’t wait to see those of you who can make it then!

Consistency is Key!

As my old training / racing mate Dan Plews - the new Ironman World Record Holder (8h24m) and overall Age Group Champion at the Hawaii Ironman World Championships in Kona, 2018 - clearly claims in our new podcast (link here), Consistency Is Key!” to Dan’s ability to finish 22nd overall (including all the professionals who raced) and to post the 5th fastest marathon split that day. He claims he did nothing special, other than post 22 consecutive weeks with a weekly TSS (Training Stress Score) load of over 1,000 points (which is special all in itself as those of you who use Training Peaks will know!). He states that a simple program, backed up by every session having a specific target but one which fits around his busy family and work schedule, was what produced his best performance in his 25 years of doing the sport. It was quite simply amazing and if you get chance to listen to the podcast, you’ll see just how impressed I was with my old mate from sunny Yorkshire who I’d been writing the swim component of his epic race for over the last 13 months.
We might not all be aiming for a world title (or even a world record!), but in speaking with every single high performing individual that I’ve ever been lucky enough to chat with, they all stipulate routine and consistency above all things. To that end then, I’d like to recognise the following Top-20 most consistent squad attendees for their efforts during 2018 - divide these numbers by 11 for their monthly attendances or 46 for their weekly visits, and I’m sure you’ll be impressed! Well done everyone!

I’d like to make special mention to our top male (Aitor) and female (Cobie) for their amazing commitment this year. Sadly both won’t be able to make the Squad Christmas Party on Friday (where I’d planned a little congratulatory gift and salute).

Aitor will sadly be leaving us as of today to pursue a new career in SciFi writing back in his home country of Spain, but will join our Swim Smooth program in Alicante instead, to ensure he keeps docking his Red Mist card!

…and despite spending the first part of the year recovering from major ankle surgery, Cobie has been able to recover well, getting back into her routine and has been nudging up the attendance ranks in her own “no fuss, get on with it” way throughout the middle part of the year:

Just brilliant!

On the Ghost Town hunt in Kalgoorlie!

My Mum (Mother Smooth) is currently visiting and had always wanted to take a road trip to Kalgoorlie (of all places!) so that is where I’ve been this last weekend. We had a fabulous trip and thanks to the recommendations of Gavin C and Amanda N, we also tied in a trip out to Lake Ballard (cue spooky SciFi images below of the amazing sculptures on the salt flats) and the ghost town of Gwalia too (which made the news here today). We happened to be there for the historic reopening of WA’s oldest state hotel which hadn’t been accessed for over 54 years! Amazing. Whilst 800km east of Perth is a long way to travel, such a road trip with my Mum, step-Dad, Mish, the kids and Sandy (the dog) is not something I’ll forget in a hurry, so thanks for allowing me to take an impromptu break with the family - it was awesome (except for the $38 I paid for a double gin and tonic on the last night!!). Here’s some photos for your interest:

Cattle crossing!

The village of Westonia - where the Goldfields and the Wheat Belt meet (apparently!)

Road trippin’ with their best mate!

No frills camping - the only way! Come and meet Mother Smooth and Grandad Stevie this Friday at the party!

Larking around!

Lake Ballard

The Super Pit…it was super big!

Cranking up the mercury at 38ºC!

A friendly Preying Mantis

Sons of Gwalia mine

Awesome history to discover!

The $38 gin and tonic…nothing special about it (not even any cucumber!)

Tent fun!

My new car...

…the car I wish I had!

More Lake Ballard...

A photographer’s paradise!



Thanks for reading!

Monday, November 19, 2018

Black Friday swimming gear bonanza with free shipping! This week only!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you've had a great weekend. I've spent the last few days camping in Kalgoorlie with my Mum, step-Dad, Mish and the kids. It's been awesome...except for the $38 double gin and tonic I bought last night at the Palace Hotel. Totally crazy prices! Still, we had a great time and got to see all the cool gold mining history of the state, visit Lake Ballard, the ghost town of Gwalia and even had time for some swims too. Awesome. I'll be back on pool deck in the morning. Looking forward to it!

Anyhow, we've got some great deals this week on our online swim shop as part of our Black Friday offering including 50% off HUUB wetsuits and FREE shipping on all orders over $100. Check out the mega deals here:

If you're keen to know a little more about what goes into the design of each of our HUUB wetsuits, check out our new podcast's third episode with Dean Jackson at

See you in the morning!


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Coach Ross is going to jail!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all doing well this fine, sunny Friday afternoon!

As some of you will know - especially those who swim in the Tuesday 6.15pm session - Coach Ross and his wife Mel have had a tough run this last 12 months with their twin boys being born at 28 weeks and then having spend the first 77 days of their life in the NICU at King Edwards. The family received brilliant care and attention through the Helping Little Hands Charity and so now Coach Ross is doing his thing to raise some money for the charity and he needs your help. Ross picks up the story...

"I'm going to JAIL!! And I need your help!!

On the 22
nd of November I am going to be arrested and thrown into Jail and I need to raise bail money to be set free. This bail money will go directly to helping current families of the NICU and proving them with the much needed support they need at this time through the Helping Little Hands Charity.

As some of you might know this cause is very close to my families heart and mine as we have directly received much appreciated help from this charity.

Our twin boys Luke & Harvey had to be delivered at just 28 weeks gestation due to a rare condition called twin to twin transfusion syndrome. I remember when my wife Mel and I were first told about this, we were shocked and had no idea what road lied ahead for us. Even after having weeks and weeks of scans and conversations with the doctors and being told they could be early we really had no idea about the journey we were about to take. Absolutely nothing prepares you for the day when the doctors say your babies stand a better chance outside than in.

That began our 77 days of life at King Edward inside the NICU. 11 of the longest and hardest weeks we have ever endured as a family. Our boys were delivered barely over 1kg each and were the smallest most fragile little people you could ever imagine. Walking out of the hospital and leaving your precious babies behind is one of the most soul destroying moments a person can have.

We essentially had two families during that time. We had our two beautiful kids at home, who couldn't meet their new brothers and struggled with understanding on what was going on. And we had the boys fighting for their lives in the NICU, day in day out. We split our time as best we could, between home, work, and our new second home in the NICU with the boys, however a day did not pass where we didn't sit by those babies side hoping and praying that they would come home and join our family as soon as possible.

We were one of the luckier families who already had an amazing support network of family and friends to help, but it was still unbelievably hard. Without the additional help of Helping Little Hands charity And the amazing support the doctors, nurses and staff at King Edward, I'm honestly not sure we would have made it!

So please help me raise some
much needed funds to help this charity support others that are going through what we did, or worse.

Please visit  to place a donation."