Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Apology and Weekend's Training

Dear Swimmers

Firstly, sincerest apologies to those of you who turned up at 5.30am to swim on Wednesday 28th October for our new morning swim. As explained, the Duty Manager rostered for this shift did not turn up and as such the pool couldn't be opened until 6.05am. Unfortunately we had no way of accurately knowing just how long this wait would be and as such I made the call to cancel the swim and offer to take us down to Cottesloe Beach for a free open water swim instead (where it was very rough!!). This incident was an unfortunate start to many of your days and I can only apologise and pass on the Centre Manager's sincere apologies also. 

Also regarding the pool, there is currently a heating issue which is being investigated and work is due to commence (hopefully) early next week to rectify this. The temperature is currently hovering at a brisk 24.5 degrees which many of you have commented on is "fresh" to begin with but actually really nice to train (hard) in. Hope this doesn't put you off but definitely come attired with a nice warm towel to greet you after the session!


Saturday - 6am = ride / run from Cottesloe Beach Car Park. This will be a 15 mins easy warm-up, 1hr hard riding (or as hard as you wish to go), followed by a 15 to 20 mins run off the bike for those keen.

12pm squad swim session - early this week and next due to waterpolo competitions.

Sunday - Rockingham Open Water Series race - 1.25km, 2.5km, 5km. Details at



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