Saturday, October 24, 2009

Fisher Photography Exhibition for Heart Swim Week

Dear Team

Masters Water Polo Player and multi-award winning professional photographer, Geoff Fisher, is hosting a photographic exhibition, entitled 'Rising to the Challenge,' featuring local swimmers and his photographic art. The exhibition is to be held at Challenge Stadium from Friday 6th November 2009 to Sunday 15th November 2009.
The exhibition will coincide with Heart Swim week being held at Challenge. The title, 'Rising to the Challenge,' and the link to the Heart Swim is based on Geoff's own journey from serious heart-related illness. In early June this year the super fit veteran water polo player was struck down by a virus that damaged his heart and left him near death on the pool-deck at Challenge. Subsequent blood-clot induced paralysis has seen Geoff journey through hospitals, rehabilitation, wheelchairs, and now crutches on his long road back to the pool.

Profits from the exhibition have been pledged to the Heart & Lung Transplant Foundation to aid the work championed by cardiothorasic surgeon and masters water polo player, Dr Rob Larbalestier. Rob, a long-time friend and team mate of Geoff, was swimming at Challenge with Geoff when Geoff's heart stopped. Rob literally saved his life.

Ticket numbers to the Friday evening function Nov 6 are limited so please respond quickly by contacting Fisher Photography on 9381 2233. You can purchase over the phone or drop in to the studio at 294 Hay St. Subiaco.

Thanks to Jeremy for sending this through. Check out some of the images here.



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