Thursday, November 24, 2016

It's Christmas Party Time - Round 2!

Dear Swimmers

Following on from last year's very successful and fun Christmas Party at "chez nous" (otherwise known as "our house") - we'd like to cordially invite all squad members (in any of the squads) plus their partners and even nippers, to come along for a fun evening on Saturday 17th December at 5-10pm* to celebrate the year gone by.

*please note change of date from that broadcast on last night's app notification which was Friday 16th December.

As per last year, we will have a selection of soft and alcoholic drinks available and some nibbles as well, but by all means please bring along your favourite tipple and a plate as people brought some amazing concoctions last year! Yum, yum!

Last year we only managed to persuade a handful of nippers to take a dip in the pool, but this year you'll be pleased to know that it'll be heated to a lovely 30ÂșC and will also feature the challenge of swimming against our new Endless Pool (see video below). This baby can be cranked up to 1:08/100m, so what better way to celebrate a squad Christmas Party than to establish a leaderboard of who can swim the longest against the flume at maximum speed. Whilst this is of course non-compulsory, I'm hoping a few of you will give it a try. I've been shooting a series of video clips for Endless Pools demonstrating how to swim our squad drills in it, so would love for you to give it a whirl!

To view, click the image above or click here

If you would kindly RSVP simply by logging into your app and "booking" a spot in one simple click under the "Squad Sessions" link from the menu on the 16th December (use the calendar button top right to navigate quickly to that), that'd be great and will allow us to get an idea of how many people will be coming for food / drink planning purposes…it could get cosy (at least I'm hoping it will…tumble weed is not my style!). If you don't have the app, just log into your portal at and on the "Squad Sessions" tab, scroll to Saturday 17th December and sign-up - it's FREE of course! :-)

There is limited parking along Strickland Street and even down at the pool is just a short 10-minute walk across the park if you prefer that!!

Hope you can make it!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Free Physio Screening for Swim Smooth Perth Swimmers!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you had a great weekend! Great to be back in Perth, although I'm gutted I missed the warmer weather…it's still a little chilly out there in that wind, hey?

So, here's a very special offer from - simply register with them online and book a free 30 minute "muscle-skeletal assessment" to have your swim-specific biomechanics assessed and work out simple strategies for what you can be doing outside of the pool to help improve your swimming and avoid injury.

To take up this fantastic offer, please register before C.O.B Monday 5th December. Spaces are strictly limited to the first 20 applicants, so get in quick!

Swim Smooth Perth is proud to be supported by Perth's leading swim injury and performance physiotherapists with over 40 years combined experience in this field.

Here's the info:

Monday, November 14, 2016

An Awesome 2 Weeks in the US Making Swimming Great in America Again!

Dear Swimmers

I hope you're doing well and have enjoyed your time with coaches Sally and Cyndy in my absence. I will be back on pool deck this Friday for the 5.30am squad, and shall meet some of you down at the Claremont Jetty at 6am for an open water swim on Thursday morning - just a 40hr flight stands between me and that - phew!

We've had a fantastic time with 40 coaches from around the world attending our two 3-day coach education courses in Carlsbad, CA and Cocoa Beach, FL. Former squad swimmer, John Chipponeri, has been a legend coordinating and arranging all the venues on the US side for us - he's going to be an invaluable member of the Swim Smooth team as we look to expand our coaching operations into the US. Exciting times!

All of the coaches and the 20+ swimmers who also attended the courses as "guinea pigs" were always thoroughly interested in what we do in Perth on a day-2-day basis as the "life and source of Swim Smooth" - many of you in fact have celebrity status with these coaches from far-flung reaches of the globe as I use anecdotes from our squad sessions to expand on key ideas. So fret not, despite the massive interest over in the USA for what we do, I will still be very much running the show here in sunny Perth!

Anyway, here are some photos from the course - enjoy and see you poolside Friday morning!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A short adieu!

Dear Swimmers

I bid you adieu for 2 weeks now as I head over to the US this evening to meet and educate 40 new coaches in California and Florida in the ways of Swim Smooth. I'll be catching up with some of the squad members who've recently left us to return home to the USA and will be sure to say hello to them from you all. It will be a great and busy trip as Adam will also be joining me from the UK.

I leave you again in the very capable coaching hands of Cyndy and Sally:

  • Mondays 7am and 9.30am; Wednesdays 5.30am; Thursdays 6.15pm and Friday 9.30am will all be with Coach Sally
  • Tuesdays 5.30am, 6.30am and 6.15pm; Wednesdays 9.30am; Fridays 5.30am and 6.30am will all be with Coach Cyndy

…and on that note about moving back to the USA, we will sadly be losing Coach Cyndy in early January as herself and her husband Brent return to Houston, Texas. I'll be personally devastated when Cyndy leaves as not only is she a great coach but she's a beautiful person and someone with whom I feel very lucky to call my friend. So do please make especially good of your time under her tutelage whilst I am away because sadly this will be Cyndy's last stint coaching for me as I whirlwind around the world, bringing Swim Smooth to swimmers far and wide! Cyndy has been busy completing her own Swim Smooth certification process and it is our hope that she will then very much head-up our operations in the USA with fellow squad member (now residing in California and with whom myself and Adam are staying whilst we are over), John Chipponeri - the future of Swim Smooth in the USA will be in very good hands!

I will be back on pool deck on Friday 18th November, but will see some of you down at the river at 5.45/6am on Thursday 17th November for a long river swim per the Rottnest program.

Take care, have fun and remember to Swim Smooth with your lane buddies!