Friday, September 26, 2014

AFL what...?!

Dear Swimmers

Apparently there is a big rugby match or something (?!) going on tomorrow afternoon between two teams from over East, but just to let you know - should you feel like it - we will be pumping out an awesome squad swim session between 1 and 2pm at Claremont Pool as usual which will be heaps more fun than watching a few blokes bump into each other in skinny shorts!

Hope to see you then and a reminder that both Monday 7am and 930am sessions will both also still be on despite the public holiday.


PS apologies if you are watching the AFL Grand Final - hope your team wins through and you have a great day! See you next week.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Public Holiday Swimming

Dear swimmers

Just a reminder that both the 7am and 930am swim sessions will still be on next Monday 29th September despite it being a public holiday - whoop, whoop! Hope to see you then!


Friday, September 19, 2014

Next 4 Saturdays...

Dear Swimmers

Just a quick reminder that for the next four Saturdays starting tomorrow at 1-2pm, I will be running the squad open water skills session in association with our visiting coaches who officially start with us on Monday. A reminder of their name FYI:

Lance from the USA

Gavin from the UK

Sinead from Ireland

Hope to see you down at the pool tomorrow. It's supposed to be a cracker of a day!! Whoop whoop, here comes summer!!


Friday, September 12, 2014

First ever Euroz North Cottesloe Cold Water Classic!

Dear Swimmers

Just received this information for a swim for a very worthy cause. James Anderson who swam with the squad in 2009 and completed his first ever Solo has sadly had to go through the arduous and cruel journey of seeing his young daughter Mimi be diagnosed with leukaemia. She's doing well now through some excellent medical care but the family has decked to organise a charity swim event to give back to the foundation that has helped support Mimi. I have you wish to be involved - it sounds great!

More info from Ceinwen Roberts below:

Entries just opened for  the first ever Euroz North Cottesloe Cold Water Classic! Its 1.8km from North Cott to the pylon and back, and all money raised goes to the Leukaemia Foundation! The water temp will probably be about 22 degrees, which for some will be totally fine, but if not, you are allowed to wear wetsuits..and FINS! There will also be prize money for the serious swimmers who decide to just wear bathers!

It will be an awesome swim to start off the season.

If you are wondering why we chose the Leukemia Foundation, this all started when a past Rotto Solo swimmers daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months ago. She is now face with 2 + years of chemotherapy ahead of her, which as you can imagine has turned the Anderson families lives upside down. We wanted something positive to come out of what Mimi has to go through, and she will look back one day and know that she went through all this sickness to help other kids like her. 

So thanks to the North Cottesloe Surf LIfesaving club for hosting the event, our naming sponsor Euroz, and many many generous sponsors and supporters, the swim will go ahead on Sunday 5th October! See you all there!



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

"Something's going on with my vocal technique..." Morris Minor & The Majors, 1988

Dear Swimmers

Some of you had the amusement of seeing me “dress-up” like a MacDonald’s attendant this morning and deliver the 5.30am and 9.30am sessions with a little assistance from a small, portable P.A system - “do you want fries with that? Can I super-size you?!”

As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, both myself and Sally have been struggling a little with losing our voices whilst on the pool deck coaching for many hours straight. I have been to see an ENT specialist last week (Dr Tim Cooney from the squad) and it turns out I have some ulceration to my vocal chords - not great, but a lot better than I was starting to panic about feeling the sore lump in my throat!! I am taking medication for this in the form of antacid tablets each day and have sadly cut out all coffee and tea for the next little while to see if I can get my voice back on track. 

Given that my voice is very much my livelihood, you will hopefully appreciate that I need to look after it for the long term! I am also seeing a voice coach who’s helping me with the way I deliver my voice to the group and both her and Dr Cooney have suggested a little assistance from a PA system, specifically when talking to the group as a whole when detailing the session’s overview and immediately prior to starting the main set.

I appreciate that it probably looks and sounds a little weird with me using this amplifier belt, especially given that I’m now into my 18th year of coaching (wowsers!) and haven’t really had any issues prior to this. There are certain times when I’m not allowed to use it due to potentially clashing with the Aquarobics / Synchro, but I’m going to give it a bit of a whirl for the next week or so and see if it helps to unload my vocal strain.

The reason I bring this to your attention is to request feedback after you’ve seen me use it a couple of times as I’m very conscientious about any change to the actual dynamic of my delivery, especially as I often like to get quite excited when you’re all busting a gut and working hard! Those who saw it in use today seemed to find it ok, but do please let me know if it is in any way negatively affecting the enjoyment of your sessions.

Cheers and see you on Friday!


Friday, September 5, 2014

Sadly Sue didn't make it...

I'm very sorry to report that Sue Oldham did not make it across the English Channel yesterday. As you can imagine, waiting 6 weeks for a swim would wear on even the strongest of souls and that Sue is. Sue felt like she couldn't get into a rhythm and sadly didn't feel she had the urge to continue.

I can totally sympathise with how she's feeling right now. We all still think she's a total legend for giving it a go in her 69th year. Had things been different from the waiting perspective then maybe the result would have been different, but unfortunately them's the breaks as they say!

We wish Sue a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming her back, the champion that she is!!


Sue's finally off!

She's off! Sue Oldham finally started her Channel attempt at 0257 UK time (0957 Perth) after 6 weeks wait! Here's Sue's tracking:

If all goes according to plan Sue will be finished by about 4am Saturday our time...! Think about that the next time an 800m interval at 530am seems too much!! ;-)