Thursday, March 26, 2009

Saturday Brick Session

Dear Groovers

This Saturday's Brick Session at Cottesloe Beach will be an almost
complete re-run of last week, but slightly longer at 1.5k/70k/12k.
Come and have your race time predicted and see where your fitness is
at! You are required to know the course yourself so please familiarize
yourself with the details below.

We will meet at 645am in the cottesloe car park and hope to be started
a little earlier this time at ~ 710am. Please bring a suitable small
bag to collect all your gear together between disciplines as I'm not
sure I will have any storage transport again this week. Bring plenty
of fluid and nutrition also.

Full details for those who didn't attend last week can be found at:

...or just scroll down from the main Blog page.

See you then!


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