Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunt for the most consistent swimmer & Saturday's Brick Session

Dear Athletes

Hope you're all enjoying this slightly cooler weather - I know that I am!! I'm still collating all the results from Sunday, but if you could send me through your result and your race splits, that would be much appreciated!


Please be advised that on Friday morning we'll be running a nice little challenging swim session, titled "The Hunt for the Squad's Most Consistent Swimmer!" This idea was borne from the necessity to get you all to complete a really quality set of 100m intervals whilst holding a totally consistent pace with an element of friendly competition thrown in! You'll either be doing 12 or 15 x 100m on a cycle time appropriate for your lane's ability level and typically offering ~20 seconds rest between each one. Grant Hackett can do this set with roughly 0.4s difference between all his intervals which is pretty impressive! This morning the Time-4-Me crew ranged between 3 to 5 seconds difference which is also quite commendable. Anything more than 6 seconds and you've simply gone off too fast...and you know I don't like that! Myself and Adam will be helping you time these intervals, but you'll also be encouraged to make sure that you take your own times as well so that we can be assured that you have times for every interval. The swimmer with the most consistent lap times will be announced next week after all 3 squads have had a chance to do this challenge. 

It'll be a lot of fun, so I hope you can make it down - are you as consistent as Grant Hackett? Or will you be a Billy Blow-up?

SATURDAY'S SEDUCTIVE BRICK SESSION (1000m swim + 75km bike + 10km run):

On Saturday we will be staging our first structured / coached Brick Session down at Cottesloe Beach. The following time-table will apply:

6:45am - meet in the main Cottesloe Car Park out the front of the Cott Hotel. Set-up bike and bike gear down on the grassed area facing the pylon and receive session briefing / stretching. The sun won't be up until just after 7am, so please be there at 6.45am so we can start as soon as the sun is up. 

7.15am - swim start (mass-start). 1000m swim in your wetsuit (if you have one) followed by a quick transition into your bike gear.

~ 7.35am - swimmers exit the water, changed and onto the 2-lap (36.2km per lap) bike heading North up Marine Parade and then right onto Grant Street before turning left onto West Coast HWY heading North. Go through lights at Alfred Road and continue on WCH to Rochdale Road, turning right and heading east. Hop onto Stephenson Avenue (left) and then left again onto Perry Lakes Drive before turning left onto Oceanic Drive and left again back onto WCH to retrace your steps back to Cottesloe Beach (20km mark). Here continue South down Marine Parade before taking a right at the roundabout onto Port Beach Road which eventually does a right, then a left onto Ruddenham Drive past the lights by the old Oyster Bar. Ride down to the Rous Head ferry terminal and simply loop around and re-trace your steps back to Cottesloe Beach to complete 1 loop (map looks a little funny at this point, so just make sure you follow signs to the ferry terminal and simply turn-around at the carpark there). For a detailed map, please see:

Riders will be through the first lap by ~ 8.45am whereupon Paul will be waiting in the carpark at Cott Beach with a swap for your water bottle (please ensure you have a spare bottle to leave Paul so he can swap this over with you and practice this exchange "on the fly").

~ 9.55am - riders will complete the 2 lap bike course and will head out onto the run. This will be 5 x 2km out & back loops as per:

~ 11.00am - most athletes will have finished the session and will be advised to have a quick soak in the ocean and then off to Daisies for breakfast!

Cost of the session is included for all GOLD / SILVER program athletes (using PAYG card for Silver athletes) and just 1 session off your PAYG card for BRONZE athletes - that's a bargain! All athletes will need to complete the Medical Waiver at and have this ready for collection on the morning. Casual fee is $20 for anyone bringing a friend, but this athlete will need to complete one of our Medical Waivers for participation and will not be covered under our insurance scheme.

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