Wednesday, March 25, 2009

40km Cycle Time Trial Results

Dear Athletes

It was a great morning for our 40km cycle time-trial down at Shelley with 17 athletes participating over the flat-to-undulating course. All went smoothly apart from Mary unfortunately dropping her light right at the start and having to go back and retrieve it - c'est la vie! Nevertheless, everyone performed well, even if they didn't feel up for anything so fresh and fruity at 5.50am! Athletes were instructed to ride the time trial at Half Ironman (90km) pace, and as such the results reflect this. Again, I have posted a predicted HIM time based on this being true HIM pace.

Please find the results at including the 1st and 2nd 20km splits as well as the difference (green indicates the riders rode the 2nd half faster than the first). The official GPS reading from Helen was just shy of 40.0km (39.7km) which would equate to ~ 30 to 40 seconds slower had the full distance been achieved.

Well done to all!


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