Saturday, August 8, 2015

Here's How We Are Rewarding You For Your Patience & Support! Extensions to Your PAYG Expiry Dates!

Dear Swimmers

I figure not everyone will want / feel the need to read this full update of the new system, so if that's you, please just check your PAYG Status at and take the appropriate action if you are running low on credits, by topping up here still:

The Update:

For those of you who are at least 10% as keen and excited as I am about the new system, I just wanted to brief you with where we're at with the new PAYG (BLUK!) system. It has taken us a little longer than expected to source all the data from everyone's old PAYG cards as many people have been away on holidays etc. As we've secured the services of a data conversion team to take what I have prepared (see link below) and transfer this into the new system, we wanted to ensure that we had as much full, clean data to give them as possible due to the expense of converting 277 member's data from manual cards to the new digitised system, otherwise we'd just be doubling up on workload.

The data conversion team is due to take and convert all my raw data on Tuesday this week, with the view to us being ready to launch on Monday 17th August. Hopefully! In the meantime, just keep coming down to the squad as you have been the last two weeks and we will mark your attendance manually and deduct from your credit balance.

Your PAYG Status:

Your current credit balance can be seen here:

…this is reflective of any credits you might have purchased in the last couple of weeks (including the recent Winter Savings offer) up until 10.30pm on Saturday 8th August 2015.

I have tried to colour code this for easy reference as such:

  • RED = you are on zero (or less!) credits and need to please re-charge* as soon as possible
  • ORANGE = you are on 4 or less credits and would be recommended to re-charge* soon
  • YELLOW = you have still to send me your PAYG credit information - please do so as soon as you can
  • GREEN = you normally elect to pay casually - remember, as of 25th July 2015, the casual rate was increased to $20 per session, so you might like to consider the PAYG credits system* which will save you up to $7.72 per session!
  • BLUE = you have nominated and been allocated for a session(s) but have yet to attend since we set-up the Winter Squad List on 18th June 2015 (nearly 8 weeks). Please notify us immediately if you no longer wish to hold these sessions, as we have many people on the waiting list wishing to attend asap
  • MAUVE = you are on the wait list and waiting to be called up for a session(s)
  • CLEAR = no action required, you're ticking along smoothly!

*until the new system is released, if you need more PAYG credits, please order them using the following link and we'll manually add these credits to your account: (it would be appreciated if those of you in the RED and ORANGE categories could do this as soon as possible to allow us to credit your new account with a positive balance - many thanks for your support!).

If you believe any of this information to be incorrect, please notify us as soon as possible. We have checked, double-checked and triple-checked this information, so believe that it is an accurate reflection of your current credit balance.

This week I'll be registering you all for your nominated sessions from the Squad List here: and manually checking you off within the app as you arrive. Please let me know of any discrepancies in these allocations. This will ensure that the sessions you attend this coming week will be automatically deducted from the raw data that I have prepared for the data conversion team.

Your PAYG Expiry Status:

In receiving everyone's cards, it appears that 16.6% of the squad's cards have expired based on purchase date, some by many months!! Nearly half of these swimmers however have notified me that they will be away and that they will run over their expiry period due to extended holidays etc. Thank you for this!

We don't want any of you to panic about losing out on your credits. As a token of our appreciation for you a) being patient whilst we put the new system in place, and b) taking the 10 to 15 minutes I will require you each to spend to set up your accounts when I send the necessary information through next week, and c) for all your continued support over the years, we have decided to extend everyone's credit expiry so no-one will lose out. In short, we want you to all go into the new online PAYG (BLUK!) system with a healthy credit balance.

The new expiry has been calculated as the number of credits you have remaining on your card, divided by the number of credits in the block you purchased (10, 25 or 50), multiplied by the standard expiry rate of 3 months for 10 session credits, 4 months for 25 session credits, and 6 months for 50 sessions credits*, and all starting from Monday 7th September. Why Monday 7th September? We wanted to offer everyone a further 2 week extension on their PAYG credit status to cover the 2 weeks that the pool was closed at the start of June this year, plus another week for "good luck". You can see this information to the right of your name at

*please note, we have also decided to extend the expiry date on the 50 session credit option to 6 months, from the standard 5, which might help more of you tap into this bulk saving option.

We hope this is favourable to everyone. No doubt there will be a couple of teething issues along the way, but we are hoping to keep things as smooth as possible and want you to all know that we'll be keeping manual back-ups in the first month to know that everything is working as it should.

PAYG Expiries going forwards:

The new PAYG (BLUK!) system is all geared up to run automatically, up until a point! Going forwards, if you start to run close to either running out of credits, or the expiry date for your credit block, an email and/or SMS will be sent to remind you of this. Equally though, if you know you are going to be away for an extended period (longer than 4 weeks*), or have maybe been injured and can no longer attend for a certain period, please just drop me an email going forwards and I will suspend your account during this period, a little like a gym might. All being well we should be able to get you back in and up to speed upon your return as the system will have offered your place to someone on the waiting list in the interim period.

*there will be no need to email and ask for your account to be suspended for periods of less than 4 weeks, only for more than 4 weeks.

In the standard day-2-day running of the squad, the expiry periods of: 

  • 3 months for 10 sessions
  • 4 months for 25 sessions
  • 6 months for 50 sessions (a new extension of 1 month on this option)

…will apply. However, note that these expiry periods will only commence when you use the first credit from that block, not when you physically purchase it.

OK, I hope that all briefs you on where we're at with everything and helps set your mind at ease, especially with the extension to the expiry periods we are offering. Have a great Sunday and see you at the pool this week!


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