Monday, August 31, 2015

Two Silvers and an 11th from the girls in the Swim Smooth Perth Squad at the World 70.3 Champs!

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Emily Loughnan after finishing 2nd in the world in her Age Group - whoop!

Dear Swimmers

As promised, hopefully we've seen the last of the long, techie emails regarding the new PAYG (BLUK!) System and what better way to kick us back into the "enjoyable" reads than this marvellous bit of news from three of the ladies in the squad at the recent World 70.3 Championships in Austria.

If you don't know what a "70.3" is, this is simply a branded name for a Half Ironman - a 1.9km swim, 90km cycle ride, and a 21.1km run and what better place to do that than in the rolling countryside of Austria. Getting there is no mean feat though, as all athletes have to qualify at a prior event just to compete, meaning they've had to polish off at least two of these babies in one season.

Representing Australia (and our squad!) was Emily Loughnan in the 25-29yo Age Group, Carrie Anderson in the 50-54yo AG, and Deb Kempe in the 55-59yo AG. Emily and Carrie both picked up silver medals and Deb took an 11th out of 54. A great effort ladies!

One of the most exciting and inspiring parts of my work as a coach down at the Claremont Pool is seeing everyone of all levels of ability all mixing together without any degree of elitism - in fact, so much so, that I'm sure you all probably recognise Emily's face in the picture above but had no idea about her level of achievement in the sport. But this is what makes the squad so special, at the end of the day - and as squad swimmer Judi Clemie so aptly put it to me once - "non of us are racing for sheep stations!". That's not being soft or defeatist, it's just simply reality. I am a firm believer in doing what you love and doing it primarily for that enjoyment beyond everything else, and if it just so happens that your love takes you all the way to a podium position on the world stage, great…and that is what these three ladies epitomise - so well done you three!

Cheers from A. Proud. Coach.

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