Friday, August 28, 2015

Step into your time machine...let's re-visit a popular idea from 2010 if you will for all you "late" risers...

Dear Swimmers

Tell someone they're a late riser in the UK at 7.30am and you're likely to get a slap square in the chops…in fact "early bird" swim sessions back in my Mother Land typically start at 7am!! The thought of a 5.30am start is simply ludicrous! However, here in WA, we Sandgropers like to rise early in most cases, but not all of you have to rush straight to work afterwards and may prefer a slightly later swim session start of 7.30am and bathe in the beautiful early morning light (which is now shadowed by the new housing development in the earlier sessions…ho hum!).

So here's your chance to let us know if you're keen to attend a 7.30-8.30am session on a Tuesday and / or Friday. Would you be keen to shift to a later spot? Or have you been waiting in the wings for the early sessions for too long now and would just like the opportunity to join the Swim Smooth Perth Squad? If this is you, please complete the very simple yes / no form here:

…with enough interest we'll look to kick this off at the start of October…stay tuned and have a great weekend!


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