Thursday, June 18, 2015

Confirmed Winter Squad Listings are now up!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you are doing well? I've just heard great news that the pool will be re-opening as planned on Monday 22nd June, starting with our first session at 7am - Pure Technique - to get you back into the swing of things!

I hope they are all correct now as it's been a monumental amount of work getting to this point and I dare say without these 2 weeks, this just wouldn't have been possible!

We are just looking at potentially getting some swipe cards to replace the old paper PAYG cards (same payment system - just a little more high-tech which will make it easier for you to swipe your card - not waiting around for me - and easier for us to track attendance). I will keep you posted on that one!

Also, thanks for all your feedback and input on how best to improve the Swim Smooth Perth Squad. An interesting point came up in a few cases about individual stroke technique feedback. Obviously we offer 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction sessions as your go-to source for the best possible analysis and feedback on your technique (bookings now being taken from mid-September onwards - see link above to reserve a spot), however I thought it worth highlighting what feedback you might expect per session type as we have a process of ensuring that the feedback you receive in a session matches the type of session:

  • Monday Pure Technique Session = feedback on stroke technique and performance of drills
  • Tuesday Technique / Endurance Session = feedback on performance of drills and maintenance of pace
  • Wednesday / Friday Red Mist Endurance Sessions = feedback on maintenance of pace and encouragement to keep swimming!
  • Wednesday / Thursday / Friday CSS Sessions = feedback on execution of the set and motivation to hit target times and what resulting times are
  • Saturday Open Water Skills Sessions = feedback on sighting, drafting, turning techniques

…this is not to say that if you attend a Wednesday early morning Red Mist session that I won't occasionally hand out a few pointers about your stroke (especially if you've recently done a 1-2-1 session), but that the feedback will 90% of the time be session-type specific. Hope that makes sense and is fair and reasonable? For a great source of information on improving your technique and homework for performing the drills optimally etc, make sure you check out - packed full of information that will compliment pool-side feedback nicely.

Don't forget, if you're in need of a new PAYG card to kick-start the re-start of the Winter Program, those can be ordered here:

I would imagine the first couple of weeks will be a little busy as everyone starts off with good intentions, so please read the listings, lane-orders and paces etc and be nice to your fellow swimmers! If you are in the "Reserve List" (i.e. wait listed) you cannot attend until we give you written notice - please abide by this. Equally, if it looks like numbers will remain high, we'll look at bringing in some additional coaching support to facilitate smooth deliveries. Thank you for your understanding and patience in all respects and don't forget we'll be doing some CSS testing later on this week too!

Cheers and see you Monday or later on next week!


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