Sunday, June 7, 2015

Epic Conditions at the Claremont Jetty this morning!

Dear Swimmers

Firstly, apologies if my SMS* "broadcast" this morning either caused any confusion regarding the planned river swim at 7/7.15am and/or woke you up. I plan to use this method of communication with you only in the event of a significant change to any of our planned sessions, e.g:

  • in the event that you would be otherwise unsupported in what was originally planned as a coached or guided session as per this morning (thus changing the duty of care to you)
  • in the event the pool is closed due to inclement weather (thus saving you unnecessarily driving to the pool)
  • as a prompt to remind you about the start of a new program or the closure for a major holiday, e.g. Monday 22nd June when the pool re-opens, or Christmas
  • any special promotions, e.g. in the event that a coveted 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction session becomes available at short notice due to a cancellation (this will be a very rare occasion in all likelihood!)
*you will have only received this if you recently registered for the Winter Squad here.

Opting out:

If you do not wish to be kept informed by either SMS or by email you can:

  • Email: unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of any email titled "Swim Smooth Perth Squad Blog" (I cannot do this for you due to anti-spam regulations)
  • SMS: reply to any SMS simply with the single word "STOP"

I had specifically asked this morning if you could reply ONLY if you did still plan to swim, however, it turned out that the SMS service did not allow some of you to do this. Apologies if this caused any consternation. I now know what the issue was and this will always prevent a reply from you given the "broadcast" nature of the SMS. In future I will not request any action from an SMS, they will purely be bulletin statements for your notification. Ultimately I hope they will save you time, effort and energy and thank you in this instance today for your support and understanding whilst I put in place these new and improved measures during this 2-week break.

Our main method of communication of non-urgent "normal" news will always be via the Blog which comes to you automatically as an email newsletter to your nominated account which you can choose to read (or not!) at any time.

River Swim Schedule:

For your reference then, I do plan to be down at the river on the following mornings over the next 2-week period:

  • Tuesday 9th June (2-4km familiarisation)
  • Thursday 11th June (2-4km timed swim)
  • Thursday 18th June (400m intervals)

A recent invite up to Hong Kong to deliver some Swim Smooth clinics next week will prevent me being around more frequently than this, but I hope to be able to at least share with you in person my most favourite swimming spot in Perth! 

We will meet at 7am for a 7.15am start. Location is the Claremont Jetty off Jetty Road: 

The river this morning was simply beautiful (as per the picture above). I'd guesstimate a water temperature of 16-17ÂșC following a quick foot dip with the only other swimmer who turned up this morning (Rhian - well done Rhian). We even saw a dolphin! Wetsuits and a swimming buddy are advisable for most.

This is a great venue to swim and keep yourself ticking over the 2-week break. Equally though, please enjoy one of the other pools if you plan to follow the program I sent out here.

Cheers and once again thanks for your support whilst I capitalise on the time available in this 2-week period to make a good swim program truly great.


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