Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Dear Swimmers

It has come to my attention that some of you might be slightly confused as to whether you need to complete this form:

…especially if you have been swimming in the squad for a long time and think I must know your schedule and can vouch for your consistency? Whilst these things are true in many cases, I need to please request that you ALL complete the form irrespective of whether you've been swimming with us for one month, ten years or if you're thinking of registering your interest in any spots that might become available.

I do appreciate that it's a bit of an ask to get you to spend 15 minutes or so answering some fairly formal questions (boy have I been copping a bit of joviality on that front this morning!), but it will help me massively in the foreseeable future to better plan out available lane space and ensure consistency in what is otherwise a very flexible PAYG system for you the swimmer. I'm taking this golden opportunity with the break at the pool to do that. 

This morning was a classic example of the peaks and troughs we can experience - we were borderline too busy at 5.30am and consequently the "Red Mist" started swirling a little too prominently in a couple of the lanes (not always a bad thing for this session!), but then had only 11 people along in 3 booked lanes to the 9.30am session, whereas I have knowingly turned away at least 20 people in the last few months for this session. It all probably works out in the wash of course, but if there's space there for others, we need to identify exactly where it is.

Don't panic, no regular swimmer's place in the squad is in jeopardy, we just need to ensure that we're making maximum use of our lane space given the changes in fees and structure going forth set out by the pool, whilst maintaining the PAYG format.

The other benefit of everyone completing the survey / form is that I gain valuable emergency contact information that I've never had direct access to before, and also to any medical concerns that I should be aware of, all in confidence of course. I'm crossing my T's and dotting my I's given that I do have a duty of care towards each and every one of your welfare's too.

Please help me to help you - I really appreciate your time and effort! I will now leave you "be".



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