Tuesday, April 8, 2014

121 Video Analysis Session Availability with Super Sally Scaffidi!

Dear Swimmers

As most of you are well aware, last year Coach Sally Scaffidi who has been taking the majority of my squad sessions in my recent absences became an officially certified Swim Smooth Coach - whoop, whoop! You can read more about that here:

We are super proud of all Sally has achieved in such a relatively short space of time with her video analysis and stroke correction work and I can personally vouch for just how great her abilities are in this regard. Setting up the certified coaches program was a daunting thing to do initially as anyone with their own business will sympathise that you're always a little concerned about how another person might relay your philosophy and methodology as you have done for so many years. However, I have the pleasure in having personally tutored Sally through her entire certification process and continue to assist with ongoing mentoring. Needless to say, a session with Sally is nothing short of a session with myself and - without blowing my own horn too much in this discipline of swim coaching - I don't think there's any better compliment I can give than that. All the advice you will receive from Sally will be totally concurrent with what I would tell you. 

I am personally fully booked until mid-August and whilst I am still accepting bookings, Sally's wait period is much less simply by virtue of the fact that she's still establishing her business.

Full details of Sally's sessions can be found at:

She works the following spots at Claremont Pool:

Monday to Wednesday  (11am and 12.30pm)
Thursday  (9am and 10.30am)
Saturday (2.30pm)

Cost is $175 for the 75 minute consultation.

This will be the best opportunity you get this winter to hone your swimming technique - don't delay, book a spot in today by contacting Sally direct on sally@sscoaching.com.au



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