Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday 4th April 9.30am beach session - CANCELLED! Also, Easter & ANZAC Day Notes...

Dear Swimmers

Well done to those of you who came down for the two 9.30am sessions this week on Wednesday and Friday - they were supposed to be in the 25m pool but both school carnivals were cancelled at the last moment and as such we were in the 50m pool as normal - yay! For those of you who came, you deserve a big pat on the back and a great big thank you from me as you came with the full acceptance that you'd be in the 25m pool, not your favoured 50m. You rolled with the punches, took the session for what it was, and as per the excellent feedback from last Wednesday's 25m session, really excelled and enjoyed yourself! Thank you. 

In any of part of the world, the 25m pool at Claremont Pool would simply be "world class" and super popular, but I do feel that we're a little spoiled over here with all the 50m pools available at our beck and call. One of the great things about the 25m pool is that for CSS type training with the beeper, there's absolutely no guestimation about whether you're exactly at the 25m marker or not, it's obvious of course. Another plus side is that you'll be ~1.5 seconds per 100m faster than in the 50m pool, which is always an encouraging thing! As it happens 3 out of the 6 supposed 25m sessions actually went ahead in the 50m pool, so it's always worth giving it a try - who knows what you might learn and enjoy as a bit of variety.

Anyway, enough about that - we have had definitive confirmation that the one remaining carnival which clashes with next Friday 4th April's 9.30am session will definitely proceed. We have been allocated a beach session for this session, however, given the relatively low interest at the session on Friday 7th March and little interest this week in this session, we have elected to cancel the session but instead encourage you to try the session below in your own time and perhaps at a different pool. I hope this helps:

Barring this session we are full steam ahead now, with no more disruptions other than Easter and ANZAC day on the horizon:

Good Friday 18th April - all sessions CANCELLED
Easter Saturday 19th April - all sessions CANCELLED
Easter Monday 21st April - all sessions CANCELLED
ANZAC Day Friday 25th April - the pool opens at 7am, so we have booked 4 lanes from 7am to 8.30am for an extended special session (applications will be sent out for this in the next 10 days) and will also have 3 lanes at 9.30am to 10.30am as well - I hope you can join us!

Thanks everyone - just a final reminder that you will only see me at the 9.30am sessions for the next 2 weeks. Coaches Sandy, Sally, Brad and Cyndy (the “Awesome Foursome”) will take my other sessions whilst Michelle is visiting her sick brother in Canada during this period. Thanks once again for all your lovely well wishes and messages of support - they were very much appreciated.


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