Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A reminder about the Easter Mini-Break and ANZAC Day

Dear Swimmers

Great to see most of you back down at the pool this last couple of days now that I'm back to normality with Mish returning home on Sunday. Thanks for all your lovely messages of support - Mish's brother seems to be doing really well and it was great for her to go and see him and support him through his third round of chemotherapy.


Just a quick reminder then that given the various pool closures this weekend for the Easter Break, as normal, we will be cancelling the following sessions on the following days:

  • all sessions on Friday 18th April
  • all sessions on Saturday 19th April
  • all sessions on Monday 21st April

…from speaking with many of you it seems that half of Perth's population will be down south anyway this weekend, which is exactly where we're headed to as well - Augusta for 3 nights camping - should be fun!


Finally, on Friday 25th April the pool will not open until 7am due to ANZAC Day. As such, the 5.30am and 6.30am squads will be unable to run as normal, though the 9.30am session will still go ahead as per a normal week.

To make up for these "lost" sessions, we are offering up to 10 places in each of the 4 lanes for a special 7am to 8.30am squad session. This is your chance to come and have a crack at a solid 1.5hr session of up to ~6km (for lane 4, lane 3 will likely do 5.5km, lanes 1 & 2 ~5km). The idea will be for the session to be a bit of a cross between a Wednesday 5.30am Endurance session and the Friday 5.30/6.30am Threshold session, so it will be a solid challenge, but hopefully a fun one at that - something to lift you out of your comfort zone and if you've never had the chance to try the Wednesday 5.30am session yet, this should be a nice little taster!!

To "apply" please respond to this email ASAP, with your name, current threshold pace and / or the normal lane in which you swim and in which session, i.e. Joe Bloggs, 1:22/100m, Lane 4, Friday 5.30am. First come / best dressed and all that. Anyone currently swimming with the squad can apply (i.e. if you normally swim at 9.30am but fancied this challenge, please just apply and cross your fingers for a spot!).

I will notify you of who was lucky to get a spot on Thursday 17th April at 3pm.

Given that some of you will no doubt take the opportunity to have a bit of an extended break between Easter and ANZAC Day I am anticipating a slightly quiet week next week - so if that's you, have fun, enjoy and see you post-ANZAC Day where we will truly get back into the swing of things! Can't wait to get that routine going again.



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