Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy New Year! We kick start things again on Monday!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you all had a great Christmas and here's wishing you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!

Above you'll see a brain teaser from a Christmas cracker we opened here on New Year's Day - answers on a postcard's quite fun!

We've had a brilliant time over in the UK and have split our little holiday into 3 parts: the first was spent in East Yorkshire with my Dad for Christmas itself, the second in beautiful Whitby, North Yorkshire with my best mates and their young families and the last here in North Wales with my Mum for New Year's. We will be leaving on Sunday and arriving back in Perth late on Monday afternoon before hitting the pool deck again for 5:30am on Tuesday morning.

The 7am and 9:30am squad sessions will actually be back up and running on Monday 6th January with Sally at the helm.

Unfortunately I cant yet share any of the beautiful photos that I've managed to take over here of the wonderful winter landscapes we've seen as I've been a good boy and left my main computer at home, taking the opportunity to have 2 full weeks properly off work - and what a wonderful regenerative process that has been, especially for my back which just continues to get better and better! Needless to say, I'm very happy about that!

Anyway, wishing you all a great New Year and I can't wait to get back on pool deck to help you all with your 2014 swimming aspirations. See you on Tuesday!


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