Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Australia Day weekend

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're staying cool. I'm feeling the heat on pool deck for sure!

A quick heads up this weekend:

1. There will be NO Saturday 1-2pm squad session

2. Mondays 7am and 930am sessions will both be ON as usual

3. Given a new booking on a Wednesday morning at 7-8am (till mid March) we will aim to be in and "on" as soon as we get through the doors at 5.30am. Please be ready for this. Personally I like the 8-10mins of loose stretching and milling around as I feel it builds anticipation akin to a race situation especially with (usually) no formal warm-up, just in and "on" straight away. Maybe you can do this outside the gates instead ;-)



Ps the Sorrento 10k race is on this Saturday. Get down and support your peers doing the Rotto solo if you can!

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