Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Quick reminder....

Dear Swimmers

Just a quick reminder for those of you who normally swim at 5.30am on a Wednesday morning to be through the gate and ready to roll ASAP tomorrow (and until mid March) as we need to be clear of the lanes by 7am for one of the schools. For those wishing to complete any remainder of the session, lanes 1-4 will be open for the public afterwards (as will the 25m pool) but if we get a little jiggle on at the start this shouldn't be an issue!

This amendment will please the Swingers in the group no end who like to get on with it, but will put the fire up the Smooths who like the 8-10 mins of deep contemplation that we normally have (and which I purposefully use to get you a bit anxious to simulate race conditions).

So set the alarm 10 mins earlier and be ready for a solid set right off the bat - perfect!


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