Sunday, November 9, 2008

Top-notch results from today's swim, Monday windtrainer session & Clinic Summary!

Dear All
Well its been a busy old weekend!
Saturday's FREE Technique Clinic:
On Saturday we held our very first Swim Smooth Clinic down at the Claremont Pool between 11am and 1pm, followed by a squad swim session where attendees had chance to put into practice some of the technique tips from the classroom session. This was a free session open to anyone currently training within any of our squads and we had a stellar turn-out of 37 people! This made the squad session at 1pm a little squishy, but subject to attendance over the next week or so, we may elect to run dual back-2-back sessions on a Saturday as well, i.e. 1-2pm and 2-3pm. We'll see how we go. Thanks so much for your support if you attended, it was a great chance for me to share with you what I've been doing with our worldwide Swim Smooth Clinics for the last 4.5 years, and hopefully seeing our animated Mr. Smooth for the first time was also quite enjoyable! Some of the ideas and tips discussed can be found at and anyone wishing to take the Clinic a little further with a 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction session can book in at: - highly recommended! :-)
Monday night's cycle session:
As you will only just be receiving this email today, we will continue with the scheduled wind trainer session at The Sweat Shack (22 Fairfield St, Mount Hawthorn) this Monday (10th November). Kick-off will be 6pm as usual. We have spare windtrainers available, so please pop along if you can. From Monday 17th November onwards, it seems the concessus would be for us to operate an outdoor session on a Monday evening in order to boost numbers and take advantage of daylight savings.
As such, from Monday 17th November we will run a Monday evening "Fresh & Fruity" session meeting at 6pm from the bottom of Reabold Hill (see here for details: The session will include a variety of hill, speed and power work to complement the longer intervals on a Wednesday morning. Cost is just one credit from your card.
Lake Lesch 1.6km swim - a day for the laaaaaaaadies!
Blue skies, flat water, friendly atmosphere, reasonable water temperatures - what more could you ask for from an openwater swim event!
Today our ladies definitely had the pick of the results! Ceinwen missed first lady overall by 1 second but took out here age-group easily, covering what we actually believe to have been ~1.7km in 22:24. A fantastic result which placed Ceinwen 7th overall (men and women) - watch out, Ceinwen's on a roll! Sally Scafidi came home in 5th place overall and held an average 100m pace of 1:25 to do so! Unfortunately, Sally's result didn't count as she was wearing a wetsuit, but she easily won the 40-44 AG category. Nice job! Ursula Muhsfeldt also elected to get some practice in her wetsuit for the upcoming Busso IM event and covered the distance in 42:52  which is well on track for her Busso aspirations - a good confidence boost there Ursula - well done!
Only two of the blokes from our team raced this event in the hills. Sandy Burt did without his wetsuit today and braved the fresh conditions, quoting a much straighter swim than last week finishing 3rd in the 45-49 AG in a shade over 28 mins. Coach Paul was also out there mixing it up with the "big boys" who also raced last weekend but in the longer events. 1st across the line in just under 20 minutes was David Cox who was the 1st male finisher in this year's Rottnest Solo swim in a staggering time of 4h40! He was closely followed by young-gun James Macfarlane in 2nd place. James won the 10km swim last weekend at Champion Lakes and has only just turned 16! It was a close battle for 3rd place a good 1:30 back between Mike Swaddle (also only 16; 21:28), Damien Eyre (21:40) and Paul (21:51) who finished in that order after a sprint down the final straight. Being a relative "fossil" though at 30, Paul did at least take out his 30-34 AG!
The Lake Leschenaulta venue (just 45 mins from the CBD) is simply stunning and as such, please watch this space as we are planning some trips up there over the coming weeks for a bit of distance freestyle training, both for the Rotto guys, those doing the Ironman and also anyone else keen on some lovely freshwater swimming!
Have a fun week everyone!

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