Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Super FREE Training Day at Lake Lesch + Weekend's activities

Dear All
Hope you are having a good week!
Urgent Need for a Skipper!
I am desperately seeking a skipper and paddler for the Rottnest Solo swim on the 21st February (we have a boat sorted). If anyone has their license and is a dab-hand with the old GPS, please let me know on 0431 540 980. Also seeking a suitably able paddler for the event too. Beers will be included! ;-)
This Morning's Time Trial:
The results from this morning's 11.2km cycle time trial down at Shelley were as follows:
Placing Name Time Speed (km/h)
1 Andrew Graham 16.44 40.88
2 Anthony Tholet 16.48 40.78
3 Glen Blackwell 17.40 38.62
4 Matt Lowth 17.43 38.55
5 Joe Kierath* 17.54 38.31
6 Nathan Thompson 18.04 37.25
7 Andrew Holmes 18.33 36.66
8 Helen Cuthbert-Buckle 18.37 36.58
9 Judi Clemie 18.51 36.30
10 Liz Beeck 19.12 35.15
11 Mel Cundy 19.27 34.87
12 Sally Scafidi 19.37 34.69
13 Trevor Maggee 19.47 34.51
14 Nic Holmes 20.43 32.89
15 Mary Tennant 21.05 31.92
16 Karen Wynne 21.36 31.46
17 Karlee Cannon 21.51 31.24
* Joe cycled an extra little loop unfortunately.
Super Training Day at Lake Leschenaulta, Saturday 22nd November:
You are invited to an awesome morning of multisport activity, socialising and a breakfast BBQ at Lake Leschenaulta reserve on Saturday 22nd November! This will replace the scheduled swim at Sorrento Beach. Whether you are training for the Ironman, swimming to Rottnest or fancy the challenge of the West Coast 1000m down at Cottesloe Beach on the 29th November - this session is for you! Let's get a good crew down of all, its FREE!
Plan for the morning:
615am Cyclists to leave the Dodgy Digital Dunnies on the southside of the Narrows Bridge for the 50km hilly(ish) ride up to the Lake. As the IM crew will be into their taper, the whole group will ride steady as one up to the lake. If you plan to just swim, suggestion would be to drive up, leaving Perth at 0700am.
700am Anyone driving up should leave about now!
800am Everyone arrives at the lake. A short briefing and then chance to do some freshwater swimming. Some coaching will be offered on sighting and drafting. The Rottnest Solo swimmers will commence a 7.5km swim (~2hrs) whilst the IM crew will do a 3.8km swim (steady) and everyone else will attempt a 1.6, 2.0 or 3.0km swim.
915am IM crew will head off for a 45mins steady run around the woods whilst the swimmers are still finishing up in the Lake.
1030am Everyone finished their activities and time to get a breakie started on the public BBQs! Please bring your own food and drink! Anyone swimming shorter and keen on being Jamie Oliver, please let me know!
1200pm Heading back to Perth (either riding or hitching a lift with someone else - recommended!)
100pm Squad swim session at Claremont Pool as usual.
Please let me know if you plan to attend - its going to be a lot of fun!!
Training this Saturday (15th November):
  • 530am Final Long Ride for the IM crew leaving from the Dodgy Digital Dunnies.
  • 800am No official long openwater swim this Saturday, due to the running of the 2nd Openwater Series swim event at Rockingham. Suggestion is for solo swimmers to have a go at the 5.0km.
  • 100pm Squad session at Claremont Pool. Paul will not be coaching at this session, this session will be covered by Nic whilst Paul is away this weekend. We will make a decision re. splitting this session into 2 based upon numbers at this Saturday's session. Please be patient with this!

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