Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim - Round 2 this coming weekend!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you are having a great start to your week.

I just wanted to reach out and thank those of you who came along to our inaugural Saturday Stoic Sunrise Swim last week at 5.30-7am. I've been receiving some excellent feedback about the session, so thanks for taking the time to email / SMS / call that through, it's very much appreciated!

Top of everyone's feedback seems to be that they "loved the mix and variety" of our 5 session types, as indicated in the image above:

  1. Pure Technique
  2. Technique / Endurance
  3. "Red Mist" Endurance
  4. CSS (Threshold) Development
  5. Open Water Skills / Fun

…and that the 90 minutes seemed to fly by, even for those who've never ventured beyond our standard 60 minute classes. This is really pleasing to hear and as such it definitely seems to be a crowd favourite in terms of composition. Each week for the next 7 weeks of our 8 week trial, we shall vary this mix and it's even been suggested that we do a part-by-part reveal so that you never know what's coming up to add to the excitement of that!!

This week again has gone to a wait list for this session, though last week we had 8 people still on the waitlist by midday on the Friday and then everyone ultimately got a spot to swim given the dynamic nature of people having to cancel out before 5.30pm on the Friday evening. So don't despair - if you haven't got an official spot yet, try using the waitlist and then coming down if you get the call-up to be part of what I see as becoming a great staple to our weekly program!

Have a great afternoon!


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