Thursday, March 10, 2016

And the results are in! 40 Under 40!

Dear Swimmers

It is with a massive amount of excitement that I let you know that on Wednesday evening I was awarded as one of Business News WA's "40 Under 40" winners. I'm even more excited to let you know that squad swimmer and regular powerhouse over the shorter distances, Paul Blackburne, took out the overall win as the "First Among Equals". Amazing story which you can read here:

It was a fantastic evening, and I even had the chance to finally step inside my boyhood dream car (see below, a Lamborghini) and crank the engine - she was a beauty! Sadly I had to give it back shortly thereafter - oh well, one can dream!

I attended the awards with my wife Michelle - looking very striking I have to say - and also fellow squad swimmer and my nominee, Lisa Palmer - thanks so much Lisa!

Paul B was incredibly humble in his acceptance speech and very giving of his time when I asked for a few tips for the future - a very well deserved win for him!

Thanks to all of you for your support and for voting for me! I have to say that - as a swim coach - I felt a little out of place with all the big wigs of the business world in attendance, but it was a fabulous experience all the same!



P.S. Robyn Ahern is looking for a paddler for her Port-2-Pub team next week - if anyone can help please drop Robyn an email on - thanks!

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