Friday, October 30, 2015

Hobnobbing with the Big Guns!

Dear Swimmers

I hope you are doing well! All's going exceedingly well over here in the UK…we have just completed Day 2 of our first 3-day Coach Education Course where we have 20 coaches from around the world and as far afield as the USA, Kazakhstan and Singapore in attendance. It's always so great to share what you love so much with the people who care the most about what you do. The level of interest in Swim Smooth and what we do is building at a great rate of knots and it all comes from sunny Claremont Pool which is a nice thought all in itself! Very glad to have you part of what creates the bigger picture and subsequently goes on to helping thousands of others who love this great sport like you do!

So I will just leave you today with a quick hello from Pommie Land and a quick snapshot with my two heroes in the sport of triathlon - Olympic Gold Medallist, Alistair Brownlee, and his younger brother, Olympic Bronze Medallist. Jonathan Brownlee. When they told me that they were practicing the Broken Arrow drill earlier that morning, I couldn't have been prouder and more flattered. They are super-nice guys who have done so much for the sport of triathlon and to meet them and chew the fat on all things swimming was like a dream come true!

Adam of course married the lovely Marietta on Saturday at a wonderful wedding in an old stately home near Cambridge - I couldn't have been happier for my best mate! They make a brilliant couple and I am sure you are with me in wishing him a massively happy future together! Here he is with my Mum (Mother Smooth), me and Marietta:

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