Thursday, October 1, 2015

Eagles or Aquatic decide!

Dear Swimmers

As you know, the AFL Grand Final is on this Saturday which clashes directly with our 1-2pm open water skills session at Claremont Pool. However, we appreciate not everyone is a fan of the footy, not least you Dockers fans out there being fans of the Eagles…so the question is:

"Eagles or Aquatic Fun?"

…you decide!

Currently we still have a dozen or so still registered for Saturday's session. As you know, this is an open session where larger numbers make for a more engaging session, so all you need do is login with your app and add yourself simply to this list if you wish to attend. We will make a judgement call on this session at 2pm today. If enough of you are still keen to swim despite the footy then it will still go ahead. You decide.

Not being into footy really myself - and with Sally being a big Eagles fan - we've decided that I will take this session on Saturday.

So if you're up for a bit of fun, fancy honing your open water skills, need to blast out the cobwebs or literally drown your Dockers sorrows from last weekend (sadly!), then make sure you register your interest to attend and we will send out a notification through the app after about 2pm today confirming one way or the other.



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