Monday, July 27, 2015


Dear Swimmers

Following on from Saturday's SMS request, if you could please bring down any / all your PAYG cards this week, we will hold onto them and simply keep a register of attendance in this final phase whilst we credit your new 'PAYG (BLUK!)' accounts. We still don't have a definitive launch date (we are still waiting on the data conversion teams estimates), but am hoping we'll be up and running a little sooner than the original 10th August date. Exciting times! We're also moving to our new house this week, so it's all on for young and old right now!

By all means keep a mental / written record yourself of how many visits you make between now and the launch, but rest assured we will ensure that everyone is credited with the correct number of sessions and that any new purchases over the last few days will be added to your accounts with expiries only starting when the first credit is used from that new block.

Thanks! See you this week!


P.S someone commented this morning that the squad seemed "busy" - I had to reply and say, actually this is "normal" now (21 people for a Monday 7am technique session), what you've seen in the last eight weeks has been 60% less attendance than normal at this time of the year! Hopefully the new system will help manage attendance significantly better and has been in much need for a while - thanks so much for your support and understanding whilst we make these necessary changes and of course, thanks for coming back down and taking advantage of last week's winter special deal! We missed (some of) you!

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