Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Five important notices and one exciting bit of news!

Dear Swimmers

Hope this email finds you well. We're now well back into the swing of things and I hope you are enjoying being back at Claremont Pool!

I just wanted to give you a few important notices:

  1. information about the road closure affecting the southern / Claremont access to Claremont Pool (until late August) can be found here (thanks to James Forbes for sending this on) - please allow an extra 5-10 minutes to get to the sessions on time: - guess that means many of you might have to take a detour past our new house on Alfred Road - whoop, whoop, yes that's the exciting piece of news - we got it! We move in 30th July - can't wait - thanks for all your well wishes!
  2. the new PAYG checking-in system will likely be ready for use early August, so please continue ordering any PAYG cards as needed through - I want to make sure it's been fully tested before we launch it. I've looked at about 20 different service providers before settling on one which should be very robust for our needs and hopefully enjoyable for you to use too - more details to follow! What we will inevitably do then closer to the time is just recall all the old paper cards and credit you "on the spot" whilst you are swimming a session. Thank you to everyone who completed the form I sent through over the weekend asking for expiry dates and credits remaining - this has been very useful for us to start propagating the new system.
  3. I'm continually updating the Winter Squad List for your reference, so those of you whom have recently joined can check where you might have been wait-listed or added in at 
  4. we have made the decision to allow "open access" to the Saturday 1-2pm open water skills session from this week onwards. What this means is that even if you haven't specifically nominated for a place in this really fun session, you can rock up on the day and swim using your PAYG card. Given that this session always works best with bigger numbers, we hope that by extending it out we can get a good number of you consistently along to hone your open water skills. What would be really helpful would be if you could introduce yourself to the coach as you arrive and stipulate what you think your CSS time is currently (or what you could swim for say 400m in the pool) so that we have a good idea of how to group you for drafting exercises accordingly.
  5. numbers often drop off dramatically in the 9.30am sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the school holidays, so from next week for the next fortnight, if you are wait listed for these sessions, please feel free to pop along and attend them. We will see how this pans out next Monday and Wednesday, so if you don't yet have a full PAYG card, you might like to just pay casually for these sessions at $18 per session and I will let you know how it's going.

Cheers and have a great weekend if I don't see you before!


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