Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't be down-hearted if you didn't get into Rotto...

Dear Swimmers

It's been a week of contrasts - from the high-highs of those who successfully secured a place for a Rottnest Duo or Team or who have registered to complete their very first Solo swim, to the low-lows of those who sadly missed out in the ballot. However, fret not! You might have never thought about attempting a 5k or 10k ocean swim and now could be the perfect opportunity to set your goals on one of these events instead!

The full 2014/15 open water series calendar can be found at

…a really cool event in it's second year is the 7km point-to-point swim from Leighton Beach to Swanbourne on the 11th January. These events and others can be entered here and advantage of the 4 for 3 deal offered by Swimming WA.

So why not target something a little different this season and who knows, it could be your stepping-stone to a full solo crossing of the Rottnest Channel in February 2016 where you'd be guaranteed an entry at least!

See you out there!


PS super sorry for the delays in getting the CSS results from a few weeks ago out to you all - having my parents over and also a big coaching project with a major governing body that we're due to announce later next week has meant I've been side-tracked on this. Very sorry! Most of you who were interested in knowing the results have already got their info from me direct on the pool deck and those who haven't have been "happy" to attempt the newly updated lane times. All being well I should get these completed tomorrow. Massive thanks for your patience!

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