Friday, August 22, 2014

Andrew, Geoff and Pete to swim the Catalina Channel

Whilst we are still waiting with baited breath to hear about Sue Oldham's English Channel swim, I have just had the following sent through from Andrew Hunt of Lane 4 Tuesday 630am sessions - I hope you can watch and support the boys!!



Hi Paul, setting out for my swim tonight (LA time).   If interested, you can track the swim like this:

All of our swims can be tracked on the mapswim web page which shows a map of the swim between Emerald Bay on Catalina Island and Palos Verdes on the mainland near Long beach.   The map should show a flattering photo of the swimmer at their current location, along with a track of coloured markers showing progress.   The white concentric circles on the map show 1km and 5km bands from the start, giving a rough idea of the distances.

My swim starts at midnight on Thursday 21st August (which is 3pm on Friday 22nd) and should take 12 hours plus or minus 2 hours, so I should be finished between 1am and 5am on Saturday morning.

Geoff's swim starts at midnight on Monday 25th August (which is 3pm on Tuesday 26th, finishing early on Wednesday morning).

Pete's swim starts at midnight on Wednesday 27th August (which is 3pm on Thursday 28th, finishing early on Friday morning)

For my swim Tory will be tweeting some photos and updates via twitter,  follow on twitter go get these updates.

For Geoff's swim Tory and I will tweet some updates on

For Pete's swim I'm sure Lisa will post some updates on facebook.


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