Friday, May 30, 2014

Halfway House!

Dear Swimmers

Many thanks to those of you who braved the cold and turned up for another rip-roaring Fresh 'n' Fruity session yesterday morning and gave us privileged access to your smiles and grimaces as photographer extraordinaire Janine Kaye from went through the group and took some shots of you all looking dapper in your new caps! Massive thanks to Janine for this - we should see some of the results by Wednesday next week. Can't wait!

So as you may have guessed I got my Swim Mojo back on Wednesday and off came the beard! Wahoo! In all honesty the Mojo was back as soon as I decided to commit to the task of getting back into the swing of things and I've totally loved the last 4 weeks of swimming, perhaps more than I've ever done in my life. So things are good! My target was to get done to a CSS of 1:15/100m again and I did that on Wednesday with the same set as you all did yesterday morning. I was super chuffed.

So here's the before and after for your amusement:

I couldn't resist doing this as well (my ode to Hugh Jackman - I need some bigger pecs and biceps though at the very least!):

So we're at the Halfway House through this 8-week Program and how are you all feeling? Despite how many of you might state that you're not doing this to be competitive (the original goal remember was just to establish a good routine, one which you can keep up through winter), ultimately though you will judge your improvement by whether or not you've increased your absolute speed or CSS / threshold pace. We all do that. The interesting thing about repeating the last 4 weeks though (just the harder, threshold sessions that is), is that you can look at either getting faster (like my own personal goal) or achieving the same paces as 4 weeks prior and feel a little easier doing so. Either would be an improvement - both would be a bonus!

To lead you into that last 4 weeks, let's have a bit more inspiration from a follow-up to Megan's blog last week as prompted by Liz's question from the 9.30am squad - thanks Liz!

Have a great long weekend and remember all the usual sessions are on as normal this weekend (just so you don't have to break that good routine you've now established!).



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